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Artist: Eddy Bogaert (New York)

My name is Eddy Bogaert and I'm a New York City-based artist with a lot of passion.

As far as my influences go, fashion and my childhood has had a deepeffect on my art; The frequent moves from country to country and the required adaption as a result to various cultures greatly effected my personality and its broadness, influencing both a desire to release any anxiety and to capture love in the expression ofmy art.

The release of color everywhere in no defined stroke or direction, sends a subliminal message. I crazy glue beautiful women in my paintings to arouse the viewer and provoke shock value. As if saying "I will use the strongest glue I know of to keep you where I put you. Where I need you to be," Every artist needs a story.. We all experience deficit and feel lost at moments in our lives. It's inevitable. We must also see the beauty in it and where it has taken. I will drown you in vibrant colors superimposed over a dark or a blank base. There is a lawlessness, an anarchy, and a discord that could move you. Could it symbolize my feelings for my mother, or my need for love ? My story reveals the beauty in what you do, what makes you feel, and what feeds your soul by being an open vessel for interpretation amongst spectators.

My art is displayed in galleries around New York , Los Angeles , and Miami . It's been featured in the Wall Street journal , Hero Magazine, and also, on obscure magazines. Here is my website to see what other publications I have been on as well as some more art work . One can also see the Lamborghini. I painted on as well as how Wilhelmina men's fashion week used my art as a theme for their campaign

I think that your brand and my brand can work together since I am catering to the elite, and the fashionable. Thank you for your time.
•My art fan page

My art show for art Basel was one of the art shows to go see for art Basel this year , I feel honored and humbled for this

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