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Bio: Daniela Tamayo (New-York)

Born in New York, but has lived for more than 10 years in Medellin, Colombia, the city has opened the doors to the world of modeling.


She graduated from the University EAFIT of Medellin with the title, International Business Professional. Daniela is a beautiful blonde, green eyes and a perfect combination of tenderness and sensuality, in addition to its spectacular body that has stolen the public eye not only in Colombia but in Latin America and Europe.


The modeling was a hobby, says Daniela.


The taste for modeling began thanks to his sister who was presenter and model on a regional channel, there Daniela had access to a photographic record and thus found his calling. His first work was done with a mark of shirts, the campaign was posted in strategic billboards in the city of Medellin, which the proud and motivated to follow in the modeling world, becoming their main occupation.


for bookings: William Muñoz Director LMC Models

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