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Biography:  Arist Persefoni Nestorudi

A little about me as an artist:



My name is Persefoni Nestorudi, I am an multi creative artist and I am based in Stockholm. I have always wanted to work with my hands and as far as I can remember I have always been drawing and painting. Although I had a strong passion and a dream as young to work with art I choose to study something more.. lets call it "safe". I studied building engineering at the Jönköping university in Sweden. That must have been one of the toughest periods of my life just because I studied something I knew was not suitable for me. After 5,5 year as a full time engineer at various architectural firms, I decided to do what my heart and my mind wanted me to do for so long. I quit my job, started to work as an artist and even study a one year art class. I have learned that if you are not true to yourself, you can never be happy. 


The freedom and the happiness I am feeling today is not comparable with anything. I am working a lot more than I did before but the difference is that I am doing it for me and I love this life. 

I am also truly thankful that I am surrounded by people who believe in me and my crazy ideas. 


I love to express myself on the canvas, it gives me the ability to connect with people on a whole other level. I hope some of my pieces make others feel something when they look at them. I want them to see, feel and start think. 

I get a lot of inspiration from street art and graffiti and you can see that in my portraits I am doing. I also have a very weak spot for abstract art. I love variety so I am painting abstract art, mixed media, doing street art inspired portraits and also some resin artwork. I am still in the beginning of the resin art and still learning but I will continue and you will see a lot more of that style in the future. 


At the moment I am participating in an art fair called FoKo Art to go at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm City and 2017 will be a very exciting and eventful year that I am looking forward to.


If you want to follow my journey in the art world you can follow me on instagram: bypersefoni or check out my page:


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