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Biography: Daniela Peláez Ramírez (Colombia)

Daniela Peláez Ramírez was born on June 21, 1996 in Medellin - Colombia. She is currently enrolled in second semester of marketing and she is also a model.


This beautiful Colombian is tall, slim and 20 years old. She has brown hair, tanned skin and green eyes; Daniela is also spontaneous, happy and tender but sexy at the same time. All these features make her stand out and make the difference.


She started modeling since she was 15 years old thanks to an agency of a friend of her mother who encouraged her to get involved in this field. Unfortunately she couldn´t give all of her since she was at school and organizing schedules was very complicated. Daniela arrived in Colombia not much time ago after spending a few years in the United States. Now she is convinced that what she truly wants and loves is modeling.

Daniela has had the opportunity to participate in Colombia-Moda for a sportswear brand and in Fair 2 wheels. Furthermore she has made photographs for Saffety, Latin Fitness and Palestra. Recently, she was the image of the magazine Don Juan and had the opportunity to star in a music video for Yelsid.


One of her greatest passions is exercising so that she cannot miss a day without going to the gym. She says that it helps her to control the stress level and keep her body healthy and exercised. Besides exercising she loves to cook and eat well and balanced. Daniela also enjoys going to the cinema and dancing.


Her main goals are to graduate as a professional and do different academic exchanges, so she could have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages.

All what she wants is to broaden her horizons as a woman and as a professional to open different doors at a national and international level.


For bookings: William Muñoz Director LMC Models



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