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Biography: Fashion designer Pawan Karaya (Netherlands)

(27-01-1988, Utrecht, Netherlands)


Pawan Karaya a fashion designer who grew up and was born in Utrecht. Pawan Karaya wasn't always a creative person like he is today. At the elementary school his teachers weren't very impressed by him. They thought he was dumb and always with his head in the clouds.


After elementary school he went to high school. In high school Pawan became interested in the subjects chemistry, physics and maths. When he graduated from high school he went to the University of Utrecht to study physics. But that didn't last for long ( just a year). After a year he decided to look for a job and started to work at many places. But still his interests for science wasn't gone.


In 2010 he felt like something was missing. He felt empty from the inside. He couldn't figure it out what it was until he saw a pencil and paper laying around in his home. He picked up the pencil and started to draw, he drew for hours until it was finished. He felt less empty from the inside. But still confused a boy who never was creative became creative?


Days went by and Pawan became more creative. He made more drawing and also little objects of art. He became addicted to fill his emptiness and bought his first sewing machine at the end of year 2010. He started to make his first design which took him almost nine months to complete.

After some reflecting upon himself Pawan decided to apply at the University of Arts in Utrecht in 2011, and got accepted.


He started in 2012 officially at the University of Arts. He didn't start right away with studying fashion design. He applied for a one year course which was meant to develop your skills and building a bigger portfolio. In the beginning of this course Pawan just did what the teacher asked from him. But still it wasn't enough for Pawan and he started to create also at home. At the end of the course Pawan had a massive amount of different work. Paintings at least twice as big as he was, different kind of art objects, at least 400 photos and 15 looks he designed. The teachers said to him: You must continue with your work with a talent like this.


In 2013 he started to study fashion design at the University of Arts in Utrecht. In 2014 he started to work with a visual artist and exposed his work in the Kroller Muller Museum. In 2014 he had his first show in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. His garments were made from metal and fabric. In 2016 he had a much bigger show. In this collection Pawan showed what the possibilities are when he uses different kind of materials in his designs.


Currently Pawan is still busy with many projects and he is still finishing his study fashion design. Pawan is a fashion designer who wants to reach the top in his own way by applying his scientific knowledge and his artistic skills into his designs. No matter how difficult the projects are Pawan always figures a way to succeed and finish the projects.




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