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Model: Maria De Jesus Oñate

María de Jesús Oñate, was born 27 years ago in Montería-Córdoba. She is a beautiful model and manager of companies, specialized in international business.

Its main attraction is its height, it measures 1.74 centimeters which contributes to its race of a very significant way, because it transmits elegance and sophistication. In addition, she has honey-colored eyes, very white complexion, but tanned, has very worked bends for the gym, without leaving aside her very Latin touch.

Life, her pleasures and opportunities are the basis of her training, she lives grateful for what she has given to her and, above all, receives the good and bad things in the best way, she is a transparent, spiritual and very honest woman, her strong temperament Makes of Maria a woman with enough personality, demanding and too objective with its dreams.

For Maria, dancing is one of her greatest inspirations and passions, as well as reassuring her helps the health and exercise of her body. Also, he loves to read, the cinema and have a good talk, since she seeks to learn from each person with whom she talks and as he can not leave the food aside, he acquired the hobbie to visit new restaurants.



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