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Biography: Model Julia Yaroshenko

My Look:
My hair is a naturally golden-red, freckles, narrow waist 57 cm, beautiful breasts (photos in albums) I have no tattoos, piercings, or stretch marks. You will not have to do much editing smile I have a very unique, distinct look that can go from sweet and innocent to sex kitten.

Working with Me:
*I enjoy utilizing my body to be a sensual art form. You will see that I put 100% emotion into my images, and can give you many different moods/emotions.
*I'm very responsive to music and rhythm while modeling
*I'm happy to work with photographers of all skill levels, and don't require any direction, though I am happy to take it. I promise you, Iam easy to work with!

Traveling photo model. Currently I am working in Europe.
Now I plan to travel around US.

If you want to work with me, inform, maybe I'll come in your city.
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