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Biography: Model Malory Henao (Colombia)

Malory Henao, is a beautiful woman of 26 years old, was born in Antioquia Briceño. It is a model, and businesswoman international negotiating because his family does business in textiles and soon will be doing marketing work in the city of Miami. Adding this happened as a more intellectual and personal growth.

It is a harmonious, tall, slim, elegant and sophisticated woman, it is characterized by its charismatic, good humor, simplicity and very respectful because it ensures that the base of his career and professionalism are grounded in dealing with people and more in their vocation,


It started in modeling eight years ago, every step of their journey has been submitted opportunities through several people who encouraged to join this medium today is a recognized model, both nationally and internationally occurred; so it has managed to be part of several events leading fashion as they have been Colombiamoda, Miss Models of the Word (Chinese), Bogota Fashion, with the National Geographic (edition of Latin models, new york) and with different brands that They are positioned in our country.

For this cute paisa his greatest passions are: exercise, sports, traveling and meeting new destinations, eat rich and healthy, to share with the people you love and especially enjoy this, because it is a woman who likes to have fun and smile to the life.

For bookings: William Muñoz Director LMC Models

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