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Editorial: Barcelona Calling

Creative Architecture is the brainchild of makeup artist Stefanija Vektere and
photographer Robert Lipnicki.
Inspired by unique architecture from cities all over the world Stefanija and Robert
have taken the concept of the fashion shoot to entirely new level.
This ongoing project concentrates on one city each month.
This editorial was inspired by colourful and unique architecture in Barcelona by

Art direction, photography - Robert Lipnicki
Instagram @robertlipnicki twitter @RobertLipnicki
Retouch- Nadya Matveeva
Art direction, makeup, hairstyling, nail art, styling,face prop- Stefanija Vektere
Instagram @Stefanijamakeup twitter @StefanijaSteffy
Designers- First look: green, red, gold long sleeve sequence body by George Styler,
Pattern shoes from Gigi’s Dressing Room,
Second look: blue sequence top and colourfull sequince pencil skirt, gold shoes by
Gigi’s Dressing Room
Third look: knitted blue, red short body by George Styler, brown leather shoes from
Gigi‘s Dressing Room
Jewellery: Neanga
Model- Klaudija Vektere

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