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In the spotlight:

Photographer: Daniel Chorup



"Daniel Chorup is Polish photographer based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nomad by choice and a photographer by passion. 100% organic, self taugh and manic-depressive.
A unique and different style, his creative portrait and fashion photography will blow you away. A eye to detail while using strange objects and backgrounds will keep you coming back. You cannot actually label his style, it is so different and unique you just have to check it out for yourself."

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Model: Lean van der Biezen MUA: Patrice Troost

Model: Heather May

Model: Esther Van Kleeff MUA: Katie Larcombe

Model: Ola

Model: Àine Atum MUA: Katie Larcombe

Model: Gabriel King Pedersen

Model: Abraxas MUA: Kasia Golenia

Model: Be Joy Chandu Sanjeev MUA: Urszula Van Dommelen

Model: Ellen Lovebite

Model: Kike Pavlik MUA: Ola Mua Moodsfactory

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