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In the spotlight:

Fotograaf: Phil Tubbax




Anybody can be a great photographer if they zoom in enough on what they love”. This is precisely what Phil Tubbax does to make his images stand apart.


Indomitable passion for photography feeds his images with a raw intensity that has its individualistic charm.

Born in India in 1984, adopted by doting parents from Belgium, Tubbax started as an independent photographer in 2008.

Working with the most skilled people in Belgium and abroad, he is steadily ascending the ladder of success.

With the camera lens functioning as his third eye, Tubbax intensely observes details. “all art is about control” and he knows how to achieve the impeccable blend of the controllable and uncontrollable.

This sense of control is mirrored in the way the model holds on to the prop, especially in the black and white photo. Crisp, clear, sharp and trenchant are the images. Fashion photography involves a great deal of preparation, which is manifested in the striking imagery it produces.

From organising location, selecting model, choosing wardrobe to determining the shoot concept.

It's not an easy profession! adept sense of visual aesthetics is essential.

Tubbax's unyielding energy, introspective mind, and clarity of thought is the icing on the cake. This young achiever makes sure that models gain confidence in front of the camera, he believes that teamwork, confidence and creativity are crucial to acquiring a good shot.
On the day of the shoot he gathers his team to discuss ideas. This sensitivity and keenness to know what his team aspires to achieve works as a bonus.

Tubbax nimbly mixes art and commerce into a chiseled creative process.

If “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway”, then Tubbax's camera captures the best of these moments and definitely adds a splash of his own flavour


Production: Bart Gauthier - Model: Marilyn @ EuropeFace

Make-up & hair: Aurélie Vanhauter - Stylist: Teuta Baleci

Producer:  BART GAUTHIER - Make up Artist: LIESBETH DE SMET

Model: Gaella @ GodeliveModels- Styling: FRAU

Production: Bart Gauthier - Model: Jane B.

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