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Paradise Shadows

Credits :
- Photographer Tino Serraiocco
- Model : Chiara Rui
- Make up artist : Katia Figus


Paradise Shadows
The idea was born thinking about Cleopatra who used to have bath in donkey milk as beauty treatment.
The white water connects our story to Cleopatra but we wanted to do something innovative. This is not just a conceptual beauty set, this is our way to make the viewer enter in our small cage of paradise, where the time is stopped. The atmosphere we chase reminds the viewer to an uncorrupted and serene paradise, the model is lost in this world of perfection. This editorial explains best what is photography and fashion for us : is a way to see the best side of the world, to feel fill by the" YIN " and to forget about the Yang.


Model: Julie & Annewil (Uniko Models)


Model: Ceca (Trend Models)

Modellen: Tatjana Lauwers & Sarah Tommeleyn

Photo: Selma Gurbuz

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