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Interview: Cover Model Jason (Greece)

Singer & Songwriter

Tell us about you?

My name is Jason , I am a singer & songwriter from Greece.

My passion is music and art. I have been singing ever since I was a new born and started my

career as an artist by the age of 17 by signing my first recording contract. Ever since then, I have loved to create music and collaborated with many other artists and producers from around the world.


Where have you been musically for the past two years?

After plenty of collaborations with diverse artists passing all kinds of music genres, I had the feeling, that the time was right to work on my very own project where I can express who I really am. So I took a musical time out from the public and media and locked myself up in the studio with my producer Criss Tonino to recreate my music into something new.


How would you describe your new music?

Well, my musical background has its roots within the late 90s RnB and Soul and for the past couple of years I was extremely inspired by the sound of British pop music, so you can clearly hear that composition in my new upcoming album. We have used urban drums with RnB grooves and layered it with a combination of punchy pianos, guitars and melodic top lines. Keeping it short, I would describe my new music as UK urban pop.


When is your first single coming out?

As I said, I have been working very hard on this album and I had to decide with my incredible team of Media29 wich song can be the perfect single to release first. It is very important to come out with the right song because it is the first impression of the upcoming album and the new style of music that I want to introduce to my audience. It was a tough path until we finally had a final studio songwriting session at the Media29 Studios in Berlin and the decision was made on the spot - this is it! The first singles carries the title "Six Years “ and will be released in May 2017.


What is the song about?

“Six Years” is a daily life inspiration. Sometimes I review my life how it has been in the past and what it is like today. Although I have enjoyed every single period of it, there is one particular I always enjoy remembering the most: it is the first day going to school, making new friends and playing around having no other obligations than being a child and having loads of fun. So that is what the song is about and comparing our grown up lives to it with the message that we should never lose the part of being a kid from time to time and enjoy life as much as we can.


Do you write all of your songs on your own?

Yes, I do write my songs, some of them on my own but mostly with my producer Criss or my close team of producers and songwriters that inspire me and bring diversity to my music. During the songwriting process for my new album I also had the chance to work for some of my songs with great artists like Lee Ryan, Udo Mechels, Thanh Bui and The Product G&B. So this was already a wicked start for my first album and I am very excited to introduce it to my audience.


When can we expect you back on stage? And what can we expect?

JASON is of course my name, but also more than that, it is a whole new concept of a modern type of live band with a deejay who brings the hip hop & RnB flavor to it, a drummer who is giving the needed drive to the beats and of course a groovy bass and guitarist. Let's say, on stage with JASON you can expect a true live concert. We have already performed a closed showcase for a small group of close friends, family and partners from the music industry. The concert has been recorded for a live dvd, so you will see some insights of it very soon on my official website and social media channels. At the moment, my management is preparing the new release and started planning a promo tour for the new single which means I will be touring again very soon.


What is your image?

When I was a teenager I was really focused on what I was wearing and how my hair looked like. But for the past years I was so concentrated on music that it really didn’t matter to me. I want people to listen to my songs and make them feel music the way I do. Luckily for my videos and stage life I have an amazing team and stylists who are doing a wonderful job. They just make sure that I stay myself and look good for my audience.


The rumors say that your music video was shot in LA?

I see that birds really do talk ( smiling ).

Yes it is true, the video was shot in LA. It was a great experience and lots of fun shooting the video in Los Angeles. The atmosphere of the infrastructure and buildings are very fascinating and the weather was always perfectly sunny. During the casting for the music video, we were very lucky to find a little boy who could perfectly be me when I was six years old. He was very talented and did his role extremely good. For a moment I almost believed it was me ( smiling ). So you can see where the story goes and be curious about it.


How was your experience with the cover shoot of Modellenland Magazine?

I had a lot of fun on the day of the shoot. Everyone was very positive and kind to me.

I felt relaxed and confidant as I knew that I am working with professionals. It was a great experience for me and a real pleasure to be on the cover of Modellenland Magazine.



Follow JASON on his official website and social media channels to get his latest news:


Official Website:







Credits Cover shoot:

Production: Modellenland Magazine

Photograph: focas Cover

Model: JASON

Hair by: Neostylers

Accessories : 365Rebel

Art director: Peter Van Pouke

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