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Interview: Designer Audrey (Wonderland MC)

How did you get started with creating your Wonderland pieces?

Four years ago, during a short trip to London, Camden Market to be exact, I saw a lot of craftsmen doing some nice jewelries, and I decided to give a try, as I was not finding what I like, it was never enough original or "skully". At the beginning, it was just a few pieces for me, then people start asking me where I bought them and told me that I should extend the range and sold them online. That’s how Wonderlandmc is born!


Two years ago, this passion cross my personal life, I get married, and decided to extend my brand by adding a new collection designed especially for brides. Still very gothic oriented but more chic to fit with wedding outfit, these creations can also be worn every day. This collection "Goth Bride" is also available online under the name "WonderlandCouture".


What made you want to get into creating jewelry?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been creative (music – drawing); even my previous job had a touch of creativity as it was in relation with marketing & design.  However my actual job (commercial) is not really artistic related, so I feel something was missing in my life. Creating my own brand was a personal challenge to spice my life up and connect myself to something more creative and I am very curious about how to be successful in that kind of project. For sure, work is a key but the rest is so mysterious, I wanted to take the risk!


How long have you been doing it for?

As said before it's been 4 years since I started but serious things really began in August 2015. Before that I was doing some classical jewelries so sales were more linked to sales period or research of presents for birthday, X-Mas, etc... Now I can say that my work has taken another dimension with more complex and creative jewelries.


3 months ago, I wanted to try something new and decided to ask to a model friend Kajko von Enstein based in Belgium to do some pics with one necklace. Final pics came a few weeks after and I was so impressed with the results that I decided to take the risk of doing some adverts by contacting a few models I like (Eleine, Mahafsoun, Threnody in Velvet, Shadow, Majda Pilipovic, Nea Dune, Darya Goncharova, Absentia, Shelly d’Inferno, Marie Pracnova, Beatriz Mariano, Wildcat, non exhaustive list…) I recently manage a great team project with Germany via photographer Vanessa Marie Fotografin who gave me access to a lot of tattooed nice models (Tara Joan, Hedwig von Hohenstein, Mademoiselle Jess, Cassidy Rose, Katy Gold, Lulu de Lappidar, and now today all the girls involved in this special project).


I waited patiently for the answers, but to be honest, I was not expecting any “yes”. But to my surprise all models were enthusiastic. I take this opportunity to thank Eleine, as she was one of the first to say yes because her metal band know what it is to be a starting "business". Each new picture published gives more credibility & “soul” to my brand and now models are contacting me...


Do you sell at conventions or shows, and if not, will you do so in the future?

Given that I have a job, I can’t but I have some pending activities (co-branding) with tattoo shop that would represent Wonderlandmc on conventions. I have also a lot of discussion in process to sell my jewelry in several countries stores. I try to move forward step by step in order not to be overwhelmed by an increase of activities. I really consider that keeping the quality has to stay the first criteria of my activity.


Which pieces do you like making the most and why?

I have a preference for complicated pieces, like big chokers/master pieces. Although some people think that jewelry is reserved for special occasion, I like to wear them every day. My favorite piece is for sure the big Phoenix, it's very oriental style and can be declined with a lot of nice combination.


Do you do custom work?

Yes I do on both collection - normal "WonderlandMC" and bride "WonderlandCouture", people can contact me and submit project, drawing, or just send me some ideas and let me try to build something based on this. Some people trust me blindly and ask me to offer them something finalized without any indication which is quite honoring.

I always send a pic of final version before posting to make sure they will be happy with it.


Is it just you working on everything, or do you have others helping?

I try to drive everything, creation is for sure only me, I consider that marketing activities with model as a teamwork. Advertise takes me a lot of time in all social media. Fortunately, some models are sharing a lot of pics, so it helps us each other.


I also started working with Facebook pages in order to organize some contests, that can bring new fans on my page and generate good traffic.


What are your favorite themes to play with when you're creating jewelry?

Themes are very goth, dark, but I also do a few steampunk, manga & some small themes link to cinema...I like to do gothic theme, but my pleasure of the moment is to try to craft some pieces especially for a photo shoot taking inspiration from the personality of the model, the dress she wear or the place of shooting. So it can be various theme and it is very rewarding.

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