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Lynn Quanjel

Cover girl Modellenland Magazine issue1 August

Can you tell us a little about you?


Hi there! My name is Lynn Quanjel, I am a fulltime model and currently I am travelling around the world for my work.


How did you start modeling?


I started helping out a friend who wanted to become a photographer and I got many compliments about my modeling so I decided to step it up and contact some agencies.



Photographer: Bob Mans



How do you like working as a model?


I have met amazing people, seen amazing places and learned a lot about myself in the process. I became more confident, pro-active and realized what is important in my life. Further I love the creative vibes of the fashion world, it makes me happy!


What is your beauty regime?


Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, sport regularly and keep listening to my body. Very simple, very effective.


If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?


Of course I am not always happy with my body, especially not with a job where they are so strict about the way you look. But I think it’s okay to have ups and downs! I like to believe that learning how to accept your body is a great way to grow as a person and make you more confident, and that’s something I wouldn’t change for anything in the world!


What are your plans for the future?


Currently I’m building my brand as a fashion blogger. The website will be online soon, so stay tuned!


Do you have any advice for Those Who want to start modeling?


Don’t give up. Sometimes the fashion world can be quite demotivating but remember why you started doing this in the first place. Don’t let your friends and family get out of sight and don’t get too obsessed with your measurements, your happiness is the most important! Also: do not wait for opportunities to come to you, make them happen yourself, be a business(wo)man.



Photographer: Bob Mans

Photographer:Don Photography - MUA/Hair: Helen Leonard

Photographer:Don Photography - MUA/Hair: Helen Leonard

Photographer: Bob Mans - Mua : Gala Lopez - Haire: Paola Miraglia - Styling : XeniaKoopmans - Clothing: Models Own


Photographer: Willy Villacorta

Photographer: Willy Villacorta

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