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Interview: Make-up artist Joke Van de Water (Belgium)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Joke Van de Water and I'm 28 years old.I live in a small village named Lichtaart (Belgium), with my boyfriend and our two lovely dogs.

I work at a beautysalon wich is called: "Brows and beyond", they are specialized in Make-up, lashlifting/extentions and eyebrows.

My favorite part about the job is making bride's look there very best on their special day.


How long have you been a MUA and how did you get your start.

Even though I was always interested  in make-up and fashion,  I  thought it was a good idea to follow some professional classes. Wich I did in the year 2013.

The course was at school in Hasselt called the welness academy. From  that moment on I really became passionate about make-up and especially about making beautiful people even prettier. I also followed some classes with Tom Van de walle, he's a very artistic and exceptional MUA from Belgium.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I started out with snapping some idea's from Youtube, instagram, pinterest, …

But now I like to put my own style in my work, keeping in mind what the clients want offcourse!


What are some of the make-up products you use?

Mostly I'm crazy about the American cosmetic products, but they are hard to get a hand on here in Belgium so most of the time I have to  order them online.

Morphe, Anastasia Beverly hills, hudabeauty and toofaced are just a glimps of what I love and use.

I use different brands, but I always make sure they are top quality and not harmfull for your skin.


Who have you worked for and who would you like to work for in the future?

I have worked for a bunch of people wich are equally important to me.

I give, or try, my best every time i get a hold of my brushes.

People I'd like to work for... hmmm.... I'd actually rather work for a large American brand or something.


Any make-up  tips you'd like to share with us?

Do what makes you happy and makes you feel comfortable. But always keep in mind wich make-up fits you the best...

If you have no idea how to do your own make-up it's always nice to follow a few workshops or contact a professional MUA so they can help you find whats right for you and how to apply the products as they should.


If you were not a MUA what would your dreamjob be?

Probably something with dogs or aanimals in general.


What are three things every girl needs in her make-up bag?

Good eyebrowpencils, because your brows really shape your face. A nude lipstick, you can wear it alltrough the day and for every occasion.

And last but deffinitly not least a good mascara, it it opens up your eyes and gives you that little extra.


What are common mistakes you see women make with their make up?

I didn't knew this was going to be a 100 page interview :) The thing i dislike the most is when their foundation doesn't match their natural skin tone and it isn't blended as it should. And girls, seriously? What are some women doing with their eyebrows??? Go see a professional? NOW!


What do you think about the magazine?

It has a very nice layout, every edition is something fresh and I'ts a nice oppertunity to bring models, photographers and MAU's toghether in one magazine, wich I think is a great initiative!



Modellen: Nathalie Van Hove & Sep van Loo




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