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Interview: Make-up artist Tim De Cubber (Belgium)

Vertel eens wie is Tim is het dagelijks leven?

I am a veterinarian who spends most of his time on make-up projects. I’m mostly active as a freelance make-up artist, mainly for photo shoots, commercials and (short) movies. In between, I try to make time to specialize in special effects make-up as well as doing some photography.


Was visagist iets wat je altijd wou worden?

Make-up was a late calling for me. I have always been fascinated about what you can achieve with make-up and especially with film make-up (from the 80s-90s) and high-fashion make-up. It was just a fascination until a few years ago, when I met a friend who was working in the make-up business. He convinced me to try doing something with make-up.


Hoe begon je er aan?

By accident, I encountered an advertisement for an open day of a make-up course. Their professional and personal approach impressed me. I enrolled for the basic course in beauty make-up, followed by an airbrush course and a special-effects course hosted by Chad Washam. I’m still taking extra workshops, especially on special effects make-up.


Heb je al leuke projecten mogen uitwerken en vanwaar komen de ideeen?

Shortly after graduating make-up school, I was contacted by Guy Bleyaert (an independent producer/director) who, at that time, just started recording “Transit 17”. All of a sudden, I found myself on a film set with an international cast, doing the make-up of Zara Phytian, Silvio Simac, Lee Charles, all actors featuring in several Hollywood productions. A dream came true.

In between this and my day job as a vet, I continued working for commercials, video clips and short movies.
I also participated to some theatre productions, events, fashion shows, etc. Since this didn’t give me enough personal portfolio material, I decided to do some extra photo shoots to expand my portfolio.

The variation in make-up jobs, as well as the different styles, help me to stay inspired an motivated. The ideas keep coming and sometimes I don’t have enough time to make them real.


Vind je dat er als visagist nog een toekomst is?

There will always be a future for make-up artists. Yet, it won’t be getting easier in times of everyone-is-a-model, everyone-is-a-photographer, and everyone-is-a-make-up-artist.

I just do my thing: what I love to do, what fascinates me, what challenges me. And sometimes, that leads to surprising results.


Hebben fotografen en modellen eigen ideeën en vind je dit dan een uitdaging.

I am not really someone who’s constantly searching for make-up jobs or photo shoots. My life is always busy. Most of the time, photographers or models contact me through a mutual friend. More often than not, these already have a pretty good idea of what they want and expect. This is nice, and makes it easier for me to pick the jobs I really love to do. Luckily, there always is plenty of room for personal creativity.

New challenges don’t scare, quite they opposite, they keep me focused and help me to grow. 


Werk je zelf veel met moodboards of ben je iemand die liever toch zijn eigen ding doet?

I love to work with mood boards! A mood board is an essential tool to communicate ideas. It makes the job a lot easier. An image says more than a 1,000 words.

And you have to keep in mind that a mood board only works as a guidance: it gives you an idea of what is expected, opening a wide range of creative possibilities.


Welke make-up gebruik je meestal voor een schoot?

The make-up I use differs depending on the kind of photo shoot: cream foundations, airbrush make-up, water-based make-up, alcohol-based make-up, etc. I use products of different brands: MUD, Mac, Zoëva, but also Kryolan, Grimas, …

I don’t believe in THE great brand. Every product serves a different, specific task. The quest to find the right make-up for a specific task is a challenge on its own.


Zijn er nog dingen die je echt nog wil realiseren?

At the moment, I am committed to special effects. Making facial and body part casts, such as making my own silicone prosthetics and experimenting with facial masks. A totally different side of make-up, which is - regretfully - not often used in photo shoots.


Vind je zelf dat mensen zich tegenwoordig mooi opmaken.

That’s a dangerous question. Let’s compare a make-up artist to a hairdresser; Everybody wakes up in the morning and tries to do their hair, some are better at it than others. However, if you want to look perfect for a special occasion, you go to a professional. The same goes for make-up.


Wat vind je van ons nieuwe magazine?

I love the magazine. It offers the opportunity to put a photographer, a model and a make-up artist (and their work) in the spotlight.
I’m always looking forward to the new edition: getting to see new work and getting inspired.



Photo by: Samantha Hunt Model: Guy De Bels

Photo by: Samantha Hunt Model: Guy De Bels

Photo by: Studio 39 photography Model: Disneytje (Daisy V)

Model:Disneytje (Daisy V)

Photo by: Stefaan Claeys Model: Disneytje (Daisy V)

Photo by: Onay Gençtürk Model: Chloë De Witte

Photo by: Pascal Seeuws Model: Eline Vermeulen

Photo by: Wilfried Debergh Model: Karen Wauters

Photo by: Studio 39 photography Model: Sophie Rouzeré

Photo by: Lieven De Rouck Model: Eline Vermeulen

Photo by: Thierry Hoogewys Model: Anne Luce Nanou Crefcoeur

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