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Interview: Model Adrianna Brzozowska (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you?

-I am a photographer, but I also love to be on the other side of the lens.


If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I always wanted to be taller, for some photoshoots they want models over 1,7 m height, I am nearly 1,6 m.


How did you start modeling?

Actually, I would not even think about modelling, but once at workshop it turned out that there is a beautifull dress, but too small for the model, so I decided to put it on and have fun posing to other. Then the photographer, who led the workshop asked me to pose for her. I had some good photos to make a portfolio in the Internet, and this is how I started.


What do you think of the work as a model?

I am too small to be a commercial model, so it is just creative fun.


What is your beauty regimen?

I do not have any regimes.


What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

Well, when I pose I always think as a photographer too, I focus on light and how should I pose for a given style.


What are your plans for the future?

I hope that I will got a chance to pose abroad in beautiful location, I would love to cooperate with people around the world.


What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

For me every photoshoot is a different experience, but I still remember the first photoshoot with Agata Kulawiec, when all the session we talked about photography and we could not finish.


Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

It is important to do your best at the photo session. Not to stand still, just try to show emotions and different poses, even if you think you may look awkward.


What do you think of the magazine?

For me this is a great source of inspiration for all photographers and models. I am glad to be a part of it.

Gabriela Machlowska

Olimpia Koziej-Kula, Hair: Monika Gogół

Agata Kulawiec

Agata Kulawiec

Agata Kulawiec

Natalia Żygłowicz

Natalia Żygłowicz

Magdalena Chojnacka

Natalia Żygłowicz

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