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Interview: Model Darine Nikitina

Hello, Darina. Tell me how you started a modeling career?

Hello! It all started more than 4 years ago. I went to the creative photoshooting  and there I realized that I like being a model. At first it did not work out very well, but I got excited about the idea of ​​becoming a famous model.


Why did you choose the nude photography genre?

Every girl likes when on the her looked with admiration and I'm no exception. While working naked, I feel free, I like the reaction of men, seeing my photos. I do not like to be photographed in clothes, I feel constrained and to be honest, I do not know how to pose in beautiful dresses.


Describe your character traits?

I'm always cheerful, sociable. The main thing is non-conflict. On photoshoots a lot of different people and everyone needs to find a common language, but I've never had problems with communication.


What have you achieved over the years of your modeling career?

I have always dreamed of publishing in a playboy and over the past year I have printed in 6 prints of a playboy (5 countries: Venezuela 2 times, Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Croatia). I'm very proud of this and of course I'm not going to stop here. For all the years of my work, I have traveled all over Europe and Asia, and I very much hope that America will be subdued.


What do you do besides taking photos and traveling?

I have  studying veterinarian for 8 years, I think this is also an achievement. I have a lot of work and a little free time, but studying for me is very important. And of course I do not forget to leave time for my parents and friends. A few years ago I worked in a veterinary clinic, but this profession can not be combined with the work of a model, because animals do in every way cause visual damage to the exterior, so at the moment I work only as a model.


Tell me how did your choice of work, the nude model, your parents and relatives?

I am extremely grateful to my mother, she supported me and still supports, she is my best. When I first started working as a model, a lot of people around me condemned me, and now also, but at the moment I do not pay attention to it. And I advise everyone to do the same. 


What your slogan in life?

"The naked woman - is vulgarity, beautifully undressed - art!"


How old are you? are you married?

I'm 25 years old and I'm not married


What is your weakness in eating and drinking?

Oh, I love delicious beer, but this is contraindicated to models, but I sometimes allow myself a little weakness.


What are your dignities?

I'm a girl who loves herself, I can say, I have a lot of virtues, the most important is my bust and eyes.


Can you cook? What's your favorite dish?

I cook deliciously, but I still did not learn the pies because of the lack of free time. I am an excellent cooked - julien, he is my favorite dish.


What is the goal in life?

The most important goal in life is to get married and raise children. I think everyone has such a goal.


What can you wish for beginner models?

Girls, most importantly do not think about public opinion, do what you want. "The opinion of most people is wrong, or most people are idiots." Do not forget that there are no professional models, each of us is improving every day and learning new things.


I'm always open for new photoshoots. If you have any suggestions, please write to my mail Who wants to see my work I have an open instagram @nomahka. 


Darina Nikitina


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