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Interview: Model Di-Ana Stanisic (Germany)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Yes ... very much I can say something about myself. My name is Diana Stanisic Boricic born in Germany and I am 41 years old.My ancestry is from Ex.Yugoslavia .... Yes I know many will say Yugoslavia does not exist but for me from 1990 until I grew up and went to school I am 1990 in summer to come to Germany And since then I live here in NRW and work professionally in nursing nurse.


If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Oh .... if I could change and turn back time I think I would have made my passion for photography and he dared to do what I do today with love and passion before Camera .....


How did you start modeling?

This is very interesant My way to the model .... I'm always interested I wanted to have only few pictures in S / W because I love the B / W photography and wanted to have something different than these pictures today Handy can I stand before ksnera stand and vin right photographers will be photographing ... Since I pursue very long beautiful photography and their art I decided to ask some photographers to cover letters and ask if I would be photographs and so there was the first Photographer who took me to a big event as his model and I enjoyed to stand in front of camera and not to agree with Deren .... who did not believe me it was my first time before a camera to stand because I've done so lively and so new with joy and fun and so began My model life then the nexte order and the nexte and for over a year I am a model of very many orders and still like the first day With love and passion.


What do you think of the work as a model?

I can only say I love this work as a model ... of course, is manschmal stressful and takes a lot of time of leisure but for me is the compensation and I enjoy it in every movement I tuh before Camera since that is for me a great joy When I go to my shoot.


What is your beauty regimen?

My beauty regimes are simply to be natural and to be themselves simply to fall and what one feels in the heart feels there is nothing more beautiful than natural radiance of one man.


What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

I do not know if we differ in the qualities I was saying everyone is doing his work the best as you can because I have a hard time to praise myself or to talk about qualities of me that the photographers should answer if I have quality ... ..but what have mostly pictures already in head what and how a picture should look if the recorded is on cam I make my outfits even if I know what and which direction in the shooting I have very many My own idden and am Very creative I have no problems and I would rather try many things in the pictures yes and I prefer to show that and express these natural feelings of them the one picture when you see a story told And that the viewer see what wierd expressed in the moment in The images of gesture and facial expressions are up to the outfits.


What are some of your favorite experimences so for?

My favorite is that I was allowed to try in different tries of photography but what is most beautiful experience is that I once stood behind the camera and myself to see and to edit photographs myself pictures so I know how much work also photographers have up A picture ready and present in Internet ...


What are your plans for this future?

Well I do not make so many plans I enjoy every new order and look forward. Yes I will do factually early Decembar travel to shoot abroad and my plans go in the direction that I would also go to work with photographers who are in overseas the inquiries I have many there for and couple I have accepted that means a small journey through Europe I'm going to start decembar this year and is also planning a shoot in France and Italy but first I need my country Yugoslavia Gricheland and Austria And I'm looking forward to it Giant because I will nue people know and work together with great photographers.


Do you have any adivice for those who want to stort modeling?

They should simply be themselves and make that with feeling should believe in their idden and use a lot of imagination .... should be disciplined and self-confident they should enjoy their work and have joy.


What do you think of the magazine?

First of all, I would like to thank you from my heart that I should be able to tell you a bit about myself and what I do with love and passion ... Thank you for that I alsovmein work presented and pictures of my photography .If finder the miracle but idde So a magazine is very informative and can bring a lot of new idden and vidkd knuckfungen bring it is beautiful if one can present his work in so many different Leander and if one from other Model erfert as their work see and I finder these magazines great. ..It was an honor to share my work with Him and I hope that in the future I can tell again and again about my developments. I think to them.

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