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Interview: Model Emilie June (France)

I've began to pose when I was 18 years olded. A sculptor and photographer join me to pose for his sculptures. It w my first shooting. Then, I've continued photography when I was studiant at Toulouse, and I've never really stopped since. I was bad about myself and I was anorexic, photography has helped me to restore my self- confidence and accept my body. Photography helps me to express.

6 years ago, I have an incident, the result of this that I feltpretty banged up and I was handicapped. And again, photography helps me to accept my handicap and live with.

I pose nudesince the beginning, but I pose also for underwear, fashion, or beauty photographies.

Photography permits me to meet a lot of photographers and make great meetings. Since july, I try also to be behind the camera and make beautiful and emotional pictures as I do also in painting since I was a child.

I let you discover few pictures but it was difficult to choose only few photographies while I pose for ten years and met a lot of artists. "

Nicolas Larrière

Emma May

self portrait (facebook page: june sky)

Emma May

Ghislain Deveaux

Martial Lenoir

JL see (muah : leah hoffmann)


françois benveniste

Stephane la Neve

Emmanuel Chandelier

lys tiger

Marc Lamey

Christian Bromley

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