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Interview: Model Katherin Sher (Russia)

Can you tell us a little about you?
My name is Katherin Sher. I am 20 years old and living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I am study in college, working as model without any model agency. Posing beauty, portrait, Nude,collaborate with photographers, makeup artists, stylists. I travel around the world

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
eye color turquoise

How did you start modeling?
It was in 2012. I just saw advertising in one social site about casting in shooting, i send some photos and they choose me, after 2 months i received one good photo and send that photo to photographers. I found group where photographer looking for beautiful girls, not necessarily models to replenish their portfolio. It is very convenient. The model does not pay the photographer, photographer doesnt pay to model. Just art. So I was collect large and varied book for free. After i decide be more professional and went to model school LMA. After one year one photographer invite me in interesting nude project in Greece, i liked it so much and i became travelling nude model.

What do you think of the work as a model?
I love my work very much, i think that i am making art. 

What is your beauty regiment?

I am going to ballet class, have some exercise and stretching. Every morning countrasty shower and moisturizing lotion. Try not using make up without shooting, stay nature in life. In the weekend make mask for hair and face

What are your personal qualities which distiniguish you from others?
I can be innocent and sexy in the same time, so i can working for portrait, be a little bit like a doll and working like nude model

What are your plans for the future?
Graduated from college, to travel a lot and continue to work as a model. I can not make plans too far because no one knows what will happen tomorrow, life is very variable

What are some of your favourite experience so far?
My favourite experience was in France, it was workshop. Fistly we went to Provence. Shooting in the lavender fields in the old town. I was wearing gorgeous dresses and I was feeling great, tourists really wanted a photo with me. And i loved so much team with who i worked. After we returned to Provence to Paris. Several interesting the excursion around the city and shooting at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?
Find one good photographer, pay for him, even if it is expensive, that shots will appreceate it, because that photo will your general advertise. You can have 100 photo but they will not okay and you will not working, and you can only 3 but very quality and exciting and photograthers will dream about working with you! Advertising yourself, communicate with people who knows about modelling, you need have some usefull contacts for that job. And please remember if some agent or agency or photographer dont want working with you it is does not mean anything. The world is very big, and people are different, someone searches you

What do you think of the magazine?
I like. A large number of images give the possibility to admire


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