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Interview: Model Maria Mwale Chisha (Netherlands)

Can you tell us a little about you ?
 I'm name is Maria Mwale Chisha ,I am 22 years old and was born in  Luwingu Zambia. In  2001 my family and I  moved to the Netherlands,
After  spending my 8 year's childhood liveng in luwingu, I now find myslef imsered in Dutch culture,living  in Rotterdam and on the Catwalks of Amsterdam..
I enjoy Travelling, Playing tennis and Dancing, However being a model and studying Fashion and the art of design is where my heart truely lies. and in the weekend i work as a sales specialist in clothing store.

If you could change anything about yourself ,what would it be?
I dont think i would change anything because My experiences have enabled me to appreciate the differences within all of us and doing so accept each individual for who they are.

How did you start modeling ?
I always wanted to be a model, My first fashion week Catwalk was in 2010 in a beautiful mueasum for Shartit Meer's winter collection.
After being told i was too small and to be a model, my next break came in 2015 when i took part in a Miss Africa beauty pagent, which cemented my love affair with the runway.
And the rest the say is history.

What do you think of the work as a model?
 It is exciting, fast paced and full of unpexpected fun surprises.
Being a model requires hard work, determination and ability to flexible and adapt to different scenarios.
Even people always think it's about only looking pretty and standing in front of a camera and that is where the gont it worng,because you have to organising shoots,yourself
travel,looking after yourself ,doing tax returns,styling, you have to know how your own make-up and  certainly more then that.
I love to convey a feeling to others and if i feel something in front of the camera, i show it. mostly comes feel everyday more or less,if you've made a lot of good and bad time in your  life.
It mostly comes out as a sad, lonely or a happy feeling through the lens-feelings that humans feel everyday.  i think it makes the pictures real and hopefully others feel  something when the look at the result.

What is your beauty regimen?
I have simplest regime, and only use one brand  - Nivea! Cheap cheeerful and it works, a good night sleep, i drin a lot of water, an d for me i have to make sure that i eat well, because i have a low suger  and by well i mean to make sure to eat enough and also to get all the
vitamins you need and if you  avoid eating to get skinny you just gonna look tired and your methabolism will collapse and we don't what. for me that to me the most important thing me health.
i always eat different  meal and it works.
i never got into a diet, i eat a lot but i do not touch.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?
My Sheer determination, Being 1.63m I always got told that i was too short and at times i wanted to give up. In Zambia we have a saying "Uwaingilamu mushiu, tomfwa nswaswa - He who enters the thicket does not fear and turn back when he hears sticks breaking" I also adapt very easily and remain professional.
There are not a lot of Black models in the Netherlands but in the last few years the fashion world has become a lot more diverse and my being different is what sets me apart  - I am the girl from Luwingu that made it to Amserdam runway despite all the challenges i've faced.what make me distinguish of the others is im Zambian and there not a lot of  Zambian people in Nederland. And  we African we are one but we all different from each other.
and i think that small people also have too  have opportunities in the models world.Often you will not get places be a model because you do not have the length or do not have the requirements they are asking for.
But if you really want it go for it and work hard,only you can change what people think, and that is what make's you strong to know what you want and where you are goning too.
Professional i work hard and smily happy  funny sociability person,and  there are some qualities that distinguish me  for  others today..

What are your plans for the future?
 To carry on doing what i love and contribute positively to the world of fashion.
I am working on broadening my portfolio.
I have a contract  whith an  Canadian modeling agency and i hope to work more overseas.
some futures plans; seveal shoots with amazing photographers in the Nethelerlands,Benlgium, London and France
and im looking forward for the Amsterdam's fashion week's 2017, and African fashion week 2017.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?
So far i have had many fashion weeks in 2016,  i was with on the runway  in The Netheland, but  i had  also a good chance to be in New York for fashion week 2016.
and now a'm working hard for my portfolio sometimes you get chances in  life and  can take it and work hard for it.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling ?
If you really want to be a model just follow your dreams and never give up,but with  hard work  you'll get there.
dont to people  how see you can  not do this  because you do not have these requirements , because  the people how see that do not whant  the best for you, you have to know what  you what for your self  and just try and you will see how far you can come.

What do you think of the magazine?
I'm glad to be part of it,
It's a wonderfull and it is a great magazine, I reallyy like the concept of bringing artists and models together international and open to new faces and to allow people to discover them.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of it.

People and readers can find me:
On facebook : Maria Mwale Chisha
On Instagram : https://

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