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Interview: Model Okky Maille (Bali, Indonesia)

A little about me 
I m Okky maille most people call me Maille, I m an asian ( javanese ) I love cooking, travelling, hiking, and Photography. Modelling for me is a passion, where there are always great new peoples to work with, the new concepts that are always bring some different experience and vibes, the new places and whatever about photography i would love to do more and always learning to became a better model. 

What would it be if i have chance to change my self??
my answer is None of them! Hardly not a single things i want to changed from me. Why.. Well this is me, every people are unique and if I would change something for example more like dolls figure or an actress or even cartoon figure than it isn't an original of me. They can call my name but my figure had change for someone else and for me I do not look any satisfaction from it. I mean i m not to pretty but my self is to remains me of every each of my family is here in me. And their love in me Shouldnt be removed over better of anything.

How did i start modelling? 
I have started exactly 6 years ago, some of my friend they are designer. They make some clothing and I wore them they took the pict of then sell it on web. Day by day are running and few calls from other company such as cothings, bikini, bag&shoes, watches, sunglasses etc.. and also some photographer who would colaborated for their project or just for their portfolio. So then here I m now:)

What I think to Work as model? 
I think every work is a responsible. No matter what it is so do the modelling. I think modelling is also not an easy job but to Work as a model is a great feeling. To see that people love to see your figure on the captured, On publish. I always feeling great from every experience of the shooting and it worthed:)

Whats my beauty regimen? 
well actually I have no such a tips about beauty regimen cause my self either just do a simple stuffs such as brush my hair, and teeth or do the face washing before I sleep. I haven't use much make up which is make me doesn't take to long to get ready to
. But yes once in while nessesary to looking good by doing 35 minute make up and hair done for some event. :))

What personal quality I have which distinguish me from others? 
my close peoples says I m kind person even sometimes bit loud but they like to having conversation with me. I m a good listener and sometimes from good listening I can do the nessesary advice which is needed and for their own good.
some peoples says I m a bright person and friendly. They mostly like me smile)) which is give positives energy to others.. 

What are my future plan?
 wow there to many plan I want to do but in this nearly future I want have more time travelling. Captured every beauty of different country as cities. 

What are some of my favorite experiences so far? 
When I do the shooting and travel around the island. Since I love travelling and Photography is my passion, well those two combined is perfection. Its like you Enjoying the pleasure and get paid. :D
having an adventurous cruise photoshooting.. Since I m kinda ocean sick and can't stay longer at the cruise more than 8 hours, the shooting at the Boat cruise was very challenging and it made me sick but happy! Lol ☺️ 

My advice to who wants to became a model or for a beginner.. 
There is nothing impossible to do a good things for everyone no matter what limited we have. The most important we should never stop doing it for the best! to reach out our goal to becoming our self! Create the positives from every lessness that people claimed. No matter what.. You re better than you think u re and something bigger is coming for who work for it! 💪 so you wanna become a model? Be it & work for it!! 100% 

What I think of the Magazine ? 
Well, since the magazine itself is a media campaign, I think it's good for each respectively. Espesially for publishers & the public figures, models and even consumers itself who love the magazines either directly or online. 
clearly, the more information and sociality presented by the magazine, whether it's about modeling, lifestyle, health, beauty, and so on, the most important is the positive thing in it that always must be considered.
Thank you 

Okky Maille

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