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Interview: Model Shelley Baptiste (Netherlands)

Can you tell a little about you

I'm Shelley Baptiste, 28 and live in Delft in the Netherlands I do quite a bit of traveling with my full-time career as a model

I model for a long time now and worked for Marlboro, Dunlop, Yxaiio, GLMRR and several Dutch commercials and advertisements. My career is my #1 priority, so I take it very seriously. I'm not a student or a part time model. I'm a full-time model and this is how I earn my living


If you could change anything about yourself , what would it be?

Well lets be honest, in 2016 everybody changes himself! first of all i am not amazon tall, actually i'm pretty short a few inches longer would be very welcome, on the other side there's some surgery i would love to do too! i always save money during the year for my ''projects of improvement''


How did you start modeling?

I started at 17 years old at the Dutch Race Promotion Team for Marlboro.
After that I worked for Dunlop and several small Dutch brands and Campaigns.

As I have worked with so many people around me, I always felt very comfortable being naked. Getting spray tanned nude and guys setting up shoots was no problem for me. In the past 5 years I found out there was a market in Nude photography where I am from. There aren't many models who do this type of work and feel so comfortable.


What do you think of the work as a model?

I get so excited when I see all the make up and all the things for hair to get me ready. I always feel like the best version of me when I walk up to the set, sexy, confident and seducing!! There are moments I don't want to take my make up off. I become a completely different person with lingerie or naked on set! 

But dear let me wake you up, it's not that easy as everybody a example nature shoots are challenging, no one sees what goes on when shooting like the scratching stones or bugs biting you in a corn field while working.


What is your beauty regimen?

I eat what i want but in good proportions, allot of healthy food and sometimes a bowl of chips. i sport allot and in combination with good food it keeps me where i am.


What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

I always come prepared and I'm very dependable and willing to work hard. many who work with me say i'm bubbly and fun to work with.   I'm a model of many different looks. I can be used for glamour, beauty, and fashion. My strong point is that i love to charm the camera. I'm not afraid to work it and do my thing! I'm not super amazon tall but i do have an well trained body which works to my advantage on camera. I don't do big smiles, but I love giving dozens of expressions with my lips and eyes


What are your plans for the future?

Traveling as much as i can! I have been to a lot of European countries and in 2017 I will be traveling for 3 months in the usa for work. Texas (country cowboy sexy shoot) is one I really look forward to! also i want to grow more on Instagram (60.000 followers now)

i am negotiating about sponsor deals as well!


What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

My images with the squid made by Erwin Verweij are stunning, was freezing cold but worth it!

my book made with Jan Heemskerk (playboy, FHM etc) and Raquel Ottens is one of my highlights, Raquel is one of the best i worked with so far!


Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling

Get loose of people's opinions, everybody has something to say. In the beginning of my career, nude modeling was just "not done". I live in a small town and now everybody knows of it. It doesn't bother me and I am an open book so questions can be asked but yet sometimes people can be very hard. You need to get loose of those opinions because at the end of the day they don't pay your mortgage


What do you think of the magazine?

Glad to read about how other models and photographers think of certain things. a refreshing down to earth magazine with stunning pictures and good interviews! keep up the good work



Photographer : arthur slik

Photographer : arthur slik

Photographer: Erwin Verweij MUA: Rose Boon

photographer: Dave de Koning assistent: Frank Trommelen

Publisher: GLMRR and yxaiio Concept: Jan Heemskerk (playboy and FHM) Photography: Raquel Ottens Make up artist: Alette de Jong

Publisher: GLMRR and yxaiio Concept: Jan Heemskerk (playboy and FHM) Photography: Raquel Ottens Make up artist: Alette de Jong

photographer: Frank van Naamen for: Agent Provocateur

Photographer: Mark Honeybee photography

Photographer: Mark Honeybee photography

photographer: Martin Heeren

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