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Interview: Model Shelly d'Inferno (London)

Shelly d'Inferno is a tattooed model, performer, fashion designer, make-up artist and photographer. She has been involved in the alternative scene since many years back, and has graced the covers of several international magazines such as Bizarre Magazine, Skin Deep, Tattoo Italia and Advanced Photographer.
During early teens she experimented with photoshooting and discovered her passion for modeling, photography and styling, which she took on as a career after moving to London.

Alongside the already mentioned trades Shelly also designs and runs her own clothing company Inferal Clothing (previously Heavenly Inferno), that focuses on recycling used material for new creations. Having made clothes for a hobby since 15 years old, she also has a 3 year degree in fashion design. Inferal Clothing creates anything from punkrock streetwear, custom made stage-wear and creative costumes.

In 2013 Shelly was part of founding a new fire-group called Pyrohex and took on yet another profession as a fire performer. She practices the arts of poi, fire eating/breathing/body burning, double staffs, sai blades and angle grinding. Pyrohex have already performed at UK and France's biggest metal festivals Download and Hellfest, along with many other events and venues.

As a woman of many trades Shelly tends to be drawn towards many creative and versatile styles, which we can see by not only viewing her modeling portfolio, but her own photography and makeup looks. Quoting her own words Shelly explains she could never be stuck in one genre and that she knows herself as a bit of a shape-shifting wild-child who sees beauty in a lot of things.


Shelly d'Inferno
Designer | Model | Performer
Hair & Make-up Artist | Photographer


Photos: KJ Murphy


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