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Interview: Model Vanessa Kerkhofs (Belgium)

Can you tell us a little about you ?

My name is Vanessa Kerkhofs. I’m 28, living in Belgium. I’m a very creative person, that’s one of the reasons why I love modeling so much ! Music is one of my addictions, I adore going to concerts ! The other one is traveling. I’m suffering from a disease called ‘Wanderlust’. I travel as much as I can, because I like to discover new places and new cultures. London is my favorite place in the world ! I work with kids from 2,5 till 12. It’s a great job and I can also put my creativity in it. I think photography is awesome and super interesting ! That’s why it’s one of my hobbies. Doing photoshoots is fun, it makes me happy. And the most important ingredient in live, is having fun and being happy ! That’s why I enjoy it so much !


If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be ?

I would like to be a bit taller ! I’m not small, but with my 1m70, I wouldn’t mind being a few inches longer.


How did you start modeling ?

It all started when I participated at a tv-commercial for Delhaize in 2015. The team that made that commercial were very professional people. They told me that I had a lot of charisma and that I looked good on the screen. They convinced me that I should do something with that feedback, so a few of them helped me out with my first steps in the modeling world. 


What do you think as the work as a model ?

Modelwork is very interesting ! I see it as something that’s so extremely varied and for me it’s a way to be creative. I enjoy ’shooting’, because it’s fun !


What is your beauty regime ?

I’m blessed with a good metabolism, so I can eat what I want and as much as I want, without gaining pounds. I love taking walks and now and then some intensive sports. I’m a natural person, and I look way younger than my actual age. So, except for taking good care of my hygiene , put on some make up and keep up with fashion there is not much beauty regime for me.


What are some of your favorite experiences so far ?

Experiences that include traveling, are always the best ! it’s actually 2 of my passions mixed toghether !


What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others ?

I’m a very determined person. If I want something, I’m going for it, even if that means lots of hard work. I’m always motivated, because I want to deliver good work. People often tell me that I’m very spontaneous. I’m social and I love meeting new people to talk about all kinds of stuff.


What are your plans for the future ?

Keep doing things that make me happy ! So in the next years I’ll definitely keep modeling and I want to travel more ! See the world, meet new people and share lot’s of my experiences on my Instagram account start a travel/fashion-blog aswel.


Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling ?

Most important of all, be yourself ! Don’t let people change who you are, because than you’re fake ! Always work hard and don’t be satisfied with a minor version of something you could’ve done better. Keep improving, keep learning and take advice from people who have lots of experience. Don’t be down if people say bad things about you, cause everyone has his or her own opinion. If people wouldn’t have different opinions, the world would be in peace ! So, don’t bother some negative feedback. Think about the positive reactions !


Wat do you think of the magazine ?

I think it’s an awesome magazine. Interesting way to read about other models and photographers. Lovely interviews, nice themes and stunning pictures

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