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Interview: Photographer Claudio Amato (Italy)


My name is Claudio Amato and i'm going to talk about my photography experience.


Photographystarted as a hobby and then it became my profession, and that is why i think I'm blessed. I have always had a passion for beautiful images in general (photos, drawings, movies) and when I had the chance I used to draw on everything I had available, like t-shirts, school tables, paper and so on... But I also often noticed fashion magazines of my mother and I realized I wanted to create something of my own.


This is an expensive hobby because of the camera, lights and all the equipment required. And that was tough for me at the beginning! But little by little I started working with photography and my what was my hobby slowly became my full-time job. Obviously at the begining I was broke, but in time I could buy new equipment and I could deliver better photpgraphs! I have kept investing my money in better equipment for a long time.


Currently I own a big studio with everything that

a professional photographer may need and I have been working full time for more than 10 years.


I like shooting indoor and outdoor. It usually depends on the particular client and what it is needed for the brand.


When I can I also work on some personl projects, just for my pleasure but it is

not always possible.


I have some favourite photographers that inspired me! For example I can think of Marino Parisotto, Marco Glaviano, Patrick Demarchelier, because in my opinion they are so unique in their style. A good potographer must be able to create different images because every client requests a particular type of photographs. But still, people have to recognize you and your photos!


Currently I'm useing Hasselblad digital camera for medium format, Canon for full frame and Fuji for apsc ... depending on the kind of the work.


If someone wants to become a professional photographer, he/she will need lots of determination and strong will, without ever believing to have arrived to the top of the class, as there is always room for improvement.


Thanks to Modellen Land Magazine for giving me the opportunity to explane something about myself. It is a sofisticated magazine rich of a lot of beautiful images and artists!

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