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Photographer Daniel Gharanfoli (Sweden)

Tell us something about yourself

I am a 27-year-old Swede working as an engineer and project manager.

How and when did you get into photography?

Well, I had just wrecked my motorcycle, and in 2012 I was looking for something else to do in my spare time. My dad had just bought his first DSLR. A month later, he never saw it again. I recall from my younger days having a huge admiration and respect of people being able to see and make beauty of every day objects through photography.

What does photography mean to you?

My camera is taking me on this crazy adventure around the world that I never expected. That alone says it all. It bares fruits to myself, the people around me, and it’s nothing but a blessing to spread happiness in this way. I could very well be taking the most important picture to people of their loved ones.


Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.

My aim is not to have a specific style. I keep on reinventing myself. It keeps me on my toes. But I lean towards working with colors, and using horizontal orientation. I’ve gone from headshots to do more commercial fashion, with some artistic sessions in between.


Where do you get inspiration from? & are my main sources. And it also has to be said, that the models’ personality often comes in to play, as to where a session is headed.


Do you think in advance of what you want in a picture?

I mostly have one clear image in my head of what I want, and then I build and innovate upon that while shooting. As an engineer, this is inevitable. As you get better, you should actively decide more what you want of the wardrobe and make-up and make active decisions. But of course I also do fully spontaneous shoots without any planning just to have fun.


Studio, on location or both?

On location is my big thing! I’m so picky about my backgrounds and lighting. Repeated flat empty backgrounds are not really for me. Although, studio work has many merits and it is what I aim to do more of. Having a safe undisturbed office as a studio is so underrated.


Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

Hobbyist. I do however have annual returning paid assignments, and more requests than ever, so I’m the borderland.


What has been your most memorable session and why?

Wow, a hard question! My very first session is undoubtedly among the top ones. Also the ones where you are in public and everyone seem to stare. But I would say that I had one where I did a composite of a lot of dynamic hair, out by an active golf field. My sole intention was to only make one single image right there from start to finish.


What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

It would have to be all the online public master photographers out there. Fstoppers and Cliff Mautner got me going early in the advanced field. There are so many out there that got me to this point. 


Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

Nikon D800 was love at first sight. The 70-200mm VRII is my workhorse. Although, the mirrorless range are serious contenders to my next generation camera.


What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

Ask for brutal feedback, and learn from it! Just to mention one more, try shooting film, you won’t get any second chances or feedback here!


What do you think of our new magazine?

I think it’s brilliant! The focus is on the people behind the work, and not selling products. Hopefully something like this could be our new source of inspiration.


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