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Photographer Heine Mann (Denmark)

Tell us something about yourself

I’m a hobbyist photographer from Denmark, living in Central Jutland.


How and when did you get into photography?

I bought my first camera in 2012. I had for a long time been fascinated by the power of a still image, so thought I would give it a try.

I've always had this need for a creative hobby. I've played music for a long time but in 2012-2013 it was like photography took over and became my main interest/hobby.


What does photography mean to you?

It means that I have a creative hobby with endless posibilities of refinement and niches to dive into, that being knowledge about composition, gear, techniques, retouching etc.


Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.

I think I have a very casual photography style. Going back to basics with more simple compositions and always having the model as the most important part of my image works for me.


Where do you get inspiration from?
From all around. That can be other photograhers images or maybe just an expressively face, that I just have to shoot.


Think you in advance what you want in the picture?

It's a mix. I like to plan everything in detail, so we all know when we've got what we wanted.

But that's not how thing always turn out. I think that some of my best images are a result of spontaneity and impulsiveness in the middle of a shoot.


Studio, on location or both?

I started in a studio, getting to know light and the basics og photography. Now I mostly shoot on location.

I often like to add some mood to my images and that works better for me with some environment rather than a paper backround in a studio.

I do miss the studio sometimes and after a little extension of my house a few months ago, I now have the possibility to do a little studio work at home.


Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

Primarily a hobbyist. All my model images are hobby work. I've done a lot of weddings, which of course are paid.

But I've promised myself to shoot more for fun and creativity again and less for money.

I have a full time job as a software developer and this should be a fun hobby - not a second job.


What has been your most memorable session and why?

It's very hard to pick one - there have been so many memorable ones.

I get to work with so many passionate people (models, makeup artists and photographers) and several of them have become good friends.

If I was to pick one single session even though it's almost impossible, it would have to be my shoot with Linnea Thomasia 2 years ago - a published tattoo model from Denmark.

That day was very different from what I use to shoot, but she was very inspirational to work with. Very hard working.

I will aso mention the times when you shoot with a model for the 4th or 5th time because the chemistry is just that good. You know something good will come out of a shoot - that's always memorable times.


What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

Female faces. Period :)


Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

Neither actually. I've shot with both Nikons and Canons top DSLR and lenses, but now I only shoot Sony (mirrorless).

Right now I enjoy playing with my Mitakon 50mm f/0.95, but my favorite lens will have to be my Zeiss Batis 85mm for headshots.


What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

Don't be afraid to ask people you look up to. When I first started out I didn't dare to ask anyone, and my development was a little slow to start with.

But later I found out that most people are very approachable and if you don't act like you want everything served on a silver platter, then people are actually quite nice to helo you out.

I love to help beginners myself when I have the time - what seems to be the most obvious for us, can change the way they see things and mean a lot to their development.


What do you think of our new magazine?

It looks very promising. I especially love to see that you do interview with models also. Reading them could give us photographers a valuable insight.


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