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Photographer Lanna Olsson (Sweden)

Tell us something about yourself

I´m an actress from Sweden in love with photography. As a photographer I do all kinds of images. I love high fashion, telling stories and to work in a team. My father was a photographer. 


How and when did you get into photography?

I started creating images 4 years ago. I think I felt stuck in the situation as an actor always trying my best making someone else´s dream or vision come true. I really wanted to tell my own kind of story in my own kind of way. The core is the same - the story always comes first. 


What does photography mean to you?

Today I think photography really means the world to me. I love working with different angles and seeing how much it can approve a shot. Photography helps me express myself and it helps me find creative flow and satisfaction. I also find a lot of difficulties that makes me even more inventive. Making images has helped me gain more appetite for life in many ways and to see more different kinds of contexts. And I love the idea that you can never be fully trained.


Studio, on location or both?

If given the choice to be inside or outside I would always choose outdoors. Nature is my biggest inspiration. 


Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.

I like drama of course. I think my collection of images so far is romantic, poetic and curious. And there is always a sting, something dark underneath. Bright yet dim. Tender but sharp. Like a play ha ha. I love contrasts and creating images that raise questions: "Who is the little girl? Why is she there? What has happened to her? Where is she going? Is she okej? What is she thinking? ” 

The goal is also to make images that will provide a projectable surface, is it myself I see?


Where do you get inspiration from?

While in Milan last year I met fashion photographer Paolo Roversi and he made such an impression on me, he told me ” You don’t take a picture, you give a picture and every images you do is a self portrait. ” What a staggering thought. 

I am inspired by the world I live in. Nature. Mankind. The past and the present. Tales and legends. My own imagination. I fall in love with people´s passion, the way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light. I am also inspired by my children, art, music and literature. I love Sally Mann and I love Björk and David Bowie, and I love Kate Moss ( Kate really has that projectable face.) 


Think you in advance what you want in the picture?

I never plan in detail exactly what I want in advance. I want to be mesmerized and tangled by the location, this is how the story comes to life. I put myself and my models in various situations and environments to see what will happen. Everything is a kind of investigative. That is why photography is so so fascinating.


Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

I earn a living as a photographer.


What has been your most memorable session and why?

I remember when I did the underwater winter shoot with Clara, we hadn´t met before and it had ben snowing all night. I was a bit nervous but the images turned out really beautiful. She was really brave and gorgeous at the same time. I remember when my first image was approved by the editors of PhotoVogue ( on Vogue Italia ) and they made it "Best of on PhotoVogue” that day, I felt like walking on sunshine for the rest of the week. It was the image "Agnes in the well” the images with the hands close to her face. This was really a break through. A AHA experience for me, I felt like: ” I can really do this! I can create and tell stories by making images.” 


What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

My biggest source of inspiration besides nature is the past and the present. The main thing for a photographer and for all other artists is to be curious and to be able to wonder. 


Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

I use a Canon 5D mark III, A 50mm lens


What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

Be curious, be stubborn, dare to ask other photographers for help and help them! Grab every chance you possibly can to assist other photographers! Practice, practice, practice. Apply to a photography class. Have fun. Experiment. If you are doing what you really love, you will sooner or later become good at it! 


What do you think of our new magazine?

Modelland is a great magazine that provides photographers and people like me to publish their work. 


on instagram Lannaolssonphotography 

Lanna Olsson

Lanna Olsson

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Michaela Iannelli, hair&makeup Kim Ikonen Jennings

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Michaela Iannelli, hair&makeup Kim Ikonen Jennings

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