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Interview: Photographer Marc Lamey (France)

Specialized in portraiture and fashion photography, Paris-based French photographer Marc Lamey has received much acclaim for his originality and quality of work. Lamey’s diverse projects have been published in a number of French Magazines, including Compétence Photo, Résponse Photo or the Popular Photography Magazine in the USA. For more about Marc Lamey, check out the interview below and visit his website


Tell us something about yourself

Leaving in  Paris, France from Marseille France;  So a French photographer in love with fine-art, portraiture and fashion; I try to Make it professionally and don't take it too seriously ;


How and when did you get into photography?

After having done Wildlife photography I moved on other fields in 2008

What does photography mean to you?

Creativity; The creativity work and the shooting itself; When an idea get transformed into a good photography and when it is external shooting when the morning light get on;


Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers.

Other told you about your style but judging ourselves is quite difficult; So happy every time someone see one of my picture he recognized usually what I do ;


Where do you get inspiration from?
Moving to exhibition in painting, looking around me, consulting some magazine and many books; Listening a lot of music, as music and lyrics remain my food for creation;


Think you in advance what you want in the picture?

Always ; Even more in studio than on location ; Then you need to adapt to the surprise to still reach what you want; In studio I always have my moodboard in mind otherwise you get lost;


Studio, on location or both?

Both; I love both ;


Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

Till now a Hobbyist; So I can do what I want , my own projects;


What has been your most memorable session and why?

You usually remind on challenge when challenge are overpass ; On day I got 10 person on stage including fire eaters, 8 women body paint that takes hours to do to get a serie of shoot; More people on stage more complex is the coordination and preparation;


What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

Music and feeling; This is the food of my inspiration;


Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

Nikon ; D800 full-frame, 85mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4 for studio and 14-24 outside with sometimes the 24-70 but I've the full range premium from Nikon and Sigma but those are the most used;


What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

Resilience; And good connections; Create your own way, and have a real commercial sense that matter so much


What do you think of our new magazine?

It looks cool and usefull;




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