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Photographer Mauro Lorenzo (Italy)

Mauro Lorenzo fashion/editorial italian photographer, improved himself through masterclass and fashion photography workshop made by the greatest names of this field. He learned how to develop and use his notions thanks the experiences and training on sets and being part of important productions ( vogue Uk, Gucci, Lanvin and more).


Nowadays Mauro Lorenzo’s works in the most important fashion centres and cities in Italy ,Europe and USA.( Rome, Venice, Paris, London, Bucharest and Los Angeles ). His fashion Photography portfolio is published on Vogue Italy and on several Magazines and websites and is required for cover story and portraits of vip from tv and fashion world. Some of his works appeared on national and international channel. In 2016 he joined the collective / OMC management , which includes fashion photographer / make- up artist / creative director and more of the great brands such as Gucci , Prada , Versace and many others ; Collaborate with magazines such as Elle , Vogue , Harper Bazaar, and decide to add on their database , as new talents of fashion photography , alongside great professionals of the fashion industry .
Instagram: maurolorenzo84


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