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Photographer Steve Lee (Hong Kong)

Vertel eens wat over jezelf:
I’m a self-trained fashion and portrait photographer, my background is graphic design and my strengths are within art direction for shooting styled / themed shoots. For the past 4 years I’ve been working professionally with models, stylists and H+MUA’s. My work has been published several times in lifestyle magazines around the south-west of England. I usually shoot with natural light only but occasionally shoot within a studio environment to create different looks to my work. I describe my work as creative, sophisticated with an element of finesse.

Hoe en wanneer ben je begonnen met fotografie?
I was a graphic designer and art director for over 20 years, professionally working for my own clients in London. I decided to give all this up to concentrate on fashion & portrait photography but also wanted to keep using my main tool - Photoshop and recently, Light Room. So for the last 4 years I wanted to express my creativity through the lens, shooting models and real life people such as engagements, weddings, portraits and fashion shoots is what made me who I am today.

Wat is je juiste doel?
My main goal is to be able to connect effortlessly with my audience through my photographs. Being able to gauge an expression that can make us all stop and stare.

Wat betekent fotografie voor jou?
Photography to me is creating art through the lens, my way of expressing creatively online and printed in magazines.

Waarin vind je dat jouw werk zich van anderen onderscheid?
Not sure about this question, but I try to just be myself by capturing the ‘moment’ and freeze the ‘look’ this is what makes me unique as a photographer. Combine this with my own style of editing makes my work stand out.

Waar haal je inspiratie vandaan?
I usually gain inspiration from websites such as 500px, Pinterest and looking through fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, GQ etc. But sometimes I can be walking or driving around and just stumble upon unusual locations or scenery. I have framed a look in my mind, which I feel can develop into a very creative photo shoot opportunity.

Bedenk je van te voren wat je op de foto wilt hebben?
Yes, I use mood boards and combine this with the location or background and how to style the model’s clothes, H+MUA accordingly to achieve the look and feel of the overall photograph.

Bewerk je je foto’s en wat doe je eraan?
My editing style is to bring out the right mood, whether it’s low or high-key. Warm or cool, I’ll bring out the best in that photo. I tend to take my time until I’m happy with the results, each photo can take between 20mins to 1.5hrs depending on the complexity of the shot.

Naar waar gaat je voorkeur, Locatie of studio?
I prefer location for sure, especially during the spring/summer/autumn months. I only like to use the studio during the winter.

Wat voor locaties of onderwerpen spreken je het meest aan?
I’m sorry I didn’t really understand this question – Google Translate didn’t do such a good job! If I’m to guess it seems like what kind or location do I look for? If so I use anything natural like fields, old buildings, commercial buildings and warehouse brickwork, steel & glass is also good.

Wat of waar wil je absoluut nog eens een keer fotograferen?
London and Hong Kong. But I really want to shoot in NYC or Vietnam.

Wat is het belangrijkste wat je de afgelopen jaren geleerd hebt?
So many things but one of the most important things I’ve learnt is the 20/80 rule, I shot less and less and spend more time just getting the perfect shot. So think 80% and shot only 20%, quality matters, quantity not so much.

Wat zijn je toekomstplannen of wat kunnen we binnenkort van je verwachten?
More emotion in my shots, being able to create a mood that you can feel in my work. Shoot less but create more impact for each photo.    

Wat zoek je in de modellen waar je met samen werkt?
I’m very selective about the models I use, paid models are usual more experienced than the TFP ones but in saying this; I’ve also discovered qualities with some new models where I was able to direct and implement, this resulted in creating some stunning looks.

Wat vind je van ons nieuwe magazine?
I like the magazine, it’s a clean look – both modern and a fresh feel.

Heb je nog een boodschap naar de modellenwereld?
Well, models new and experienced do a great job… If you know how to direct them, you can bring out your desired look from them. Some models can give you certain looks, which can be quite funky and quirky and quite like that – if you can find this sense of connection between you and the model. That’s when you know the results can only be amazing from here.

Photographer / Art Director: Steve Lee



Model: Alyssa Sweetie

Model: Florence Andrea

Model: Danielle Stephen

Model: Bexie Williams

Model: Jess Sage

Model: Layla Leigh

Model: Tania Davies

Model: Tara Kirsty

Model: Rosa Brighid

Model: Romanie Smith

Model: Vicky B Model

Model: Zara Watson

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