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Interview: Photographer/Model Julie Laval (Belgium)


Tell us something about yourself

My name is Julie and I'm 22 years. Since very young, I took the decision to build up by myself (I've never been very academic). My daily life is filled with artistic creativity and expression. I am a very ambitious dreamer. My field is the conceptual photography and I am a model for my own project , "365" (a daily self-portrait for one year)


How and when did you get into photography?

As far as I remember, my very first shooting happened when I was 6 years old! I see myself in my memories taking pictures of my neighbours in my garden and then scrolling them, with a disposable camera. I would say that this  passion for the photography always "lived" in me but it's when I've orientated myself, going to a school proposing this option that I seriously started taking pictures and building myself more and more, I was 17.


What is your goal in the field of photography?

To express myself and create a connection with people. When I receive feedbacks from people saying that they are impacted by my work, that they can take a message from it or that they find themself within, I'm fulfilled.


What does photography mean to you?

It's a tool, a vector. It allows me to express. If photography wouldn't exist I would be most probably painting right now.


What makes your work different from another’s one?

I'm using photography in order to create conceptual , I need to imagine a feeling, a dream, a thought, a message. I'm unable to realize  artwork just with the purpose of looking "nice"


Where do you draw your inspiration from another’s one?

I'm living every emotion with a strong intensity, it's what inspires me the most, especially the feelings which are able to spread the spirituality and full awareness.  I have a huge crush for De Vinci's masterpieces and their enigmatic side. I also love  Alex Stoddard's works which also achieved the 365 project few years ago. Moreover, I'm a big lover of the animated cartoons "Pixar ».


Think you in advance what you want in the picture?

I always have the concept in my head before creating an image. Usually, I'm waking up in the middle of the night in order to take notes and the next day I just have to make it true.


Are you working on your photos and do you describe your work as post production process?

All my photos are crafted alternatively, without it  I wouldn't be able to achieve this result. The post production process takes from 2h to 6h of work  per photo, it would be long to explain all this.  In contrast, I'm often asked where do I find the backgrounds. In fact, I'm not using backgrounds, I'm taking separately more details that I want to embed in my photo and I'm creating the background by myself. I love to see how the  stages of the post production process create the final result. For example, I can add  smog, a castle, birds and so on.


What do you prefer? Emplacement or studio?

I'm working in a natural light and I'm in love with nature. Therefore, all my pictures are taken outside and when the weather doesn't afford it, I'm simply taking pictures at my place.


What are the places and the subjects which attract you the most?

The moon, the clouds, the magnificent colour palette that offers us a sunset and the infinity of beautiful things that the univers gives us. When I'm seeing these thing, I would like to stop time.


What is something you would absolutely want to capture in a photo ?

Something which exceeds the human imagination.


What is the most important thing that you've learned over time?

When we do what we love everyday, a job or something else, the success is not at the end of the road but in our daily life. Feeling gratefulness, is getting close to abondance.


What are you future projects in the short run? 

To conclude in the best way my 365 project, never stop pushing myself forward and seizing the opportunities which are coming in my life .

I will later see the paths that I'll have to take and what I'll be able to undertake along my evolution.


What are you looking for from the models with which are you working?

To be consistent. The good feeling appears in the photos. I love authentic models which aren't afraid to express gratitude to their bodies.


What are you thinking about our new magazine?

I’m barely discovering it  and I find it very pleasant. I'm happy to see the evolution.


Do you have a message to pass to models? 

I guess that many of them fancy to match with some criteria . We're living in a society that puts people in boxes and this can influence some of them. I just want to say to them not to be very exigeant with themselves. It's normal to want to become perfect, it's very good but they must not forget  that beauty is deeper that what we believe.


Instagram: Julie.Laval

Facebook: Julie Laval

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