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Interview: Singer & Songwriter JASON

"lazy Sunday" & “Six Years (6Y)”

cd cover artwork by Stirnfabrik

What is "lazy Sunday" about?

Well, we are all working very hard during the week, also as an artist I can easily say that we also work during the weekend. But we all need this one particular day to just rest, hang out, stay at home and literally do nothing at all. I think for most of us it's on a Sunday, that’s why I like to call it a lazy Sunday. You know that feeling, when you just don't want to get out of bed no matter what, you don't want to leave the house and all you want to do is kick back in front of the TV, relax, listen to music and just be lazy.


What is the response of your first single “Six Years (6Y)” so far?

As “Six Years” has just been released worldwide on the 2nd of June 2017, I can say that the response so far is overwhelming. Everyone could find themselves in the story of this song, perhaps because we all have once been six years old ( smiling ). This is what my music and album is all about. Moments and daily life stories that we all can relate to. My goal is to connect with my audience and there is no better way than sharing my life experiences through my music. “Six Years” was an instant success with over 100.000 views on YouTube during the first week and I have the feeling that it’s just getting started. I know that everyone was waiting for quite a long time to hear something from my new album, so I decided to release straight away my second follow up single “Lazy Sunday” as a way to thank my fans for being so patiently waiting for it and giving me all the love and support that I appreciate very much.


When will “Lazy Sunday be released? And will there be also a music video?

“Lazy Sunday” will be released on the 9th of June 2017 worldwide by Media29 Records and 314 Records alongside with the official music video and great remixes of top producers to suit everybody’s taste of music. So yes, there will be also a music video which we have shot on the beautiful Santa Monica Beachside of Los Angeles, California. It was the perfect place and atmosphere for the song. Sunny weather, blue sky, palm trees and a stunning penthouse view.

That’s all I am going to tease you with and l am looking forward to hear all of your impressions on my official YouTube channel after you have watched it yourself.


Are you ready for fame?

As an artist you know deep inside that there is chance to be famous or let's say popular. But this was never my goal or intention. I love to sing, write songs, compose music and work with creative people. This process gives me life, pleasure and makes me happy. The music studio is that one place on earth, where I can express all my feelings and leave the world behind.

What is fame? Well, I don't think anyone is ready for that part until you get there. It is tough to be a public person and share your life openly with the world. Always under pressure to deliver and on the highest expectations. I think as an artists you must always remain yourself or otherwise you will break someday. But then again, for me it’s not about the fame, it’s all about the music and expressing my feelings into it. There is no better feeling than watching people listening to your music, singing along with a big smile on their happy faces.


What’s your favorite “Six Years" or "Lazy Sunday" ?

Thats a hard question. It's like asking a father if he loves the older or younger child more ( laughing ). Both of the songs are kinda different but I love them both the same way. Where “Six Years” is emphasizing my musical background with it’s urban vibe, “Lazy Sunday” on the other hand is pointing out my humble likable personality that I’m rumored to be. We are all human, so we have different moods all the time, and this exactly what I want my audience to hear in my lyrics and music. To keep it short… both are my favorites (smiling).



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Purpose: Modellenland Magazine

Photograph: focas Singer & Songwriter:

JASON Dressed by: Sculpt & Victory

Accessories : 365Rebel

Hair by: Neyostylers

Art director: Peter Van Pouke

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