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Styliste Sharda Sewtahal (Netherlands)

My name is Sharda Sewtahal, I’m a freelance Fashion, personal, interior and wardrobe stylist. I’m Dutch by nationality, but born in South-America. I have an Indian Background.

In my childhood I was always headed in a creative direction, inspired by my mother who was a fashion dressmaker and also a coupeuse teacher. When I was young I always admired her clients when they came for fitting their new dresses made by her. From that time my interesting began in fashion and later in shopping. I was always interested in fashion and loved putting outfits together. I've been always been wondering what someone should wear.
Through my interest in fashion, I became a perfectionist in everything looks from outside.
I love to read fashion magazines, so one day I started to make some inspiration boards and putting outfits together in Polyvore. I published my ideas and from then I get styling jobs. To complement my skills I’ve done a course fashion stylist at academy B. My career is made of great moments by styling artists, models, friends, clients and interiors. I would have to say my styling career began when I started getting personally request by artists, photographers, shops, and clients.
I have always believed in the motto ‘take it till you make it’, I never say I want to be.

I've done some very interested projects. Even some interior projects  came up to me, it was a great challenge and exciting. Some years ago I’ve done a great project for a pool company, it was really fun to do this job. Another great project was to style a singer for the cover of her first CD. One of my last styling project was for an hotel . I have my own style and ideas which I mix with the style and needs of the customer. My ideas are inspired by all kind of people, fashion shows, movies, designers, artists, fashion bloggers and my travels in other countries. Of course photographers and models may have their own ideas and concepts, together we achieve a good result.
It is a great challenge for me to put together something beautiful what is original. I don’t like to copy someone else’s  work or copy fashion magazines. I often work with mood boards made by myself.

Styliste is not a regular full time job for me, it’s freelance and seasonal. As long as I like to style, I will do this work.
A good fashion stylist has to express her personality through clothing.  Sounds easier than it is. My job is to make someone feel good inside and outside.  I have to collaborate with hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, and fashion photographers. Sourcing garments, accessories, and props are also a part of my job. I like the variety in my work as, shopping, creating concepts, advising, dressing and styling on sets.

I’ve a lot of publications on my name in various fashion magazines. I would like to be in one of the biggest fashion magazine. The biggest and best styling project would be for me to dress the candidates in a beauty pageant, like the MISS UNIVERS.

People in the Netherlands are not so fashionable.
Fashion is not so important here.
People pay too little attention and money  to their appearance, which I regret. I think your appearance is very important, It’s your business card. It’s the impression you make. I always advised people to look what fits, and if it fits your body type. If something makes you feel fabulous wear it. Know your body type and what colors really flatter you best. I believe in starting my own fashion trend. My personal style is very feminine, inspired by classic designers.  I don’t  like big accessories , keep it in rather small jewelry with genuine gemstones and pearls. I like modern, classic, crisp, simple, bold and dressy fashion. I like Female garments. Especially like dresses, which are made of high quality materials. My Favorite designer is Coco Chanel.  

My Favorite fashion Magazine is ModellenLand.There would be more fashion Magazines like ModellenLand.  It’s a special fashion Magazine, you get everything that has to do in the modeling world. Through this magazine, you can go in the fashion world networks.


Photos: Facing Life
MUAH: Kimberley Hofman,
Styling: Sharda,
Model: Nienke Jansz
Fotografie: Ivo Schrage

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