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LE RAPPORT AU CORPSLet me introduce myself, Jam Abelanet, french photographer and artist for ten years and in visual creation for 20 years, "Histoires de corps' / Bodies' tales" project started by chance. Initially just a little envy to portraits, oily and simple, model friends.

Thanks to its peculiar look, like a touch of polish to the photos, I gradually first opened the project to men, then to different body shapes, and very quickly, the substance exceeded its shape.

Those bodies, faces, gestures, each element providing a different and personal feeling, each body telling the story of its owner ...

Each one of us has a body, during our life, we go through multiple feelings against this mortal coil. At the end of adolescence or at the edge of illness, whether the body is perceived as a prison, a tool, a blessing, a canvas to be paint, or a simple container, whether it makes us suffer or a source of pleasure, we can not ignore it. And the picture one gets is often different from the picture we have. Then quickly the urge to transcend the picture, to offer a personal testimony, to tell a story with words along with the image. With the own words of those very men and women. Thus, throughout the pages, handwritten testimonies of these men and women of all backgrounds, of all ages, sometimes light, sometimes troubling or deep, help us to understand their portraits, as well as an opening to the Other, the one who has his own body, necessarily different from ours and who need, like we do, to deal with it, each one in his own way.

In these times of divisions, when everyone of us gives his opinion on sexual orientation, morphology or color of the neighbor, this project, without bias, where a wide range of people, often under-represented in the photography universe, has the opportunity to express themselves with pictures and writing, gives a nice life lesson; Because we are human, simply human. These men and women who dared to be naked in front of the camera make us wonder about how everyone can deal with its body, reminding us that we all are different, unique, and that is ultimately this difference that makes our species so rich.

- SEE SELECTED PHOTOS AND COUNTERPARTIES - To see the photographs taken, and to choose the
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