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Model Brenda Galho


Brenda born in Medellin Colombia, is a woman with a seductive look, eyes color honey and white skin. She is considered a cheerful, creative, sensitive but at the same time very strong woman, considers that the basis of her profession is in the disposition and constancy.

She started modeling 5 years ago in Panama, when She arrived in Colombia, She started working for TV MAX and TVN. Likewise, She has participated in Claro commercials in Panama; Image of Coopertyres; A swimwear brand called Besos de Sol and jeans brands such as Bygroover and Cnx.

At the moment, her greatest passion is music, as she is preparing to give the world another surprise with a new face in this field, which characterizes her as a woman full of skills and creativity, she also loves reading, doing Exercise outdoors and listen to modern music.

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