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Model: Faith Oduwa







I am Faith Oduwa and I am 20 years old.


I am Dutch & Nigerian.


I do modeling since the age of 13, it became a part of my life.


Because I have so much passion for modeling I would like to grow and get a chance to be an example for others.


I would love to make a modeling career out of my hobby.


Hopefully I will one day have the opportunity.


I've learned that you have to live your dreams and thereby I am very focused with what I want to achieve in my life.


Later on I want to help people who want to be model and give the opportunity to realize their dream because I think a lot of beautiful people here do not get the chance to do that.


I am a lover of life and make sure to live my life to the fullest.


Or sometimes I just go where the wind takes me.


         With  Love,



Photo : Hugo Deneweth

Photo : Hugo Deneweth

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