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Infinite Videography

Infinite Videography is een onafhankelijke videografisch gerelateerde organisatie zowel fictie als non fictie, opgericht door Loïc Dillen


ON.EARZ is inspired by the influence of fashion, design and music.


The brand is the initiave of Belgian people who wanted to bring the design & aesthetic headphone to the largest audience and this without sacrificing the sound quality.
ON.EARZ offers premium audio with personnality to create your own Identity & Style following your lifestyle.
ON.EARZ is produced in the best factories working for all major big names in the audio industry with the same level of quality & finition.
ON.EARZ can bring you its products @ better Retail price because of industrial & commercial models based on a direct link between the manufacturer and the Retail market.
ON.EARZ bring the fashion headphone @ an affordable level giving you the possibility to buy more models to match your daily mood.

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