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A magazine that brings news and amazing inspirations to artists from all the world

- Make-Up artist: Joanna Gajos (Diva glamour) - (Poland)


J’adore votre magasine ! Il y a des articles passionnants, j y découvre très régulièrement de nouveaux talents que cela soient photographes ou modèles. De magnifiques images, merci à vous.

- Photographer Arti Frederic - (France)


I think this magazine is such a great thing! I love the idea so much and also thought about a

concept like this before. Also, I find new talented models and photographer every time I read it.

- Model Estelle Nowack - (Germany)


It has a very nice layout, every edition is something fresh and I'ts a nice oppertunity to bring models, photographers and MAU's toghether in one magazine, wich I think is a great initiative!

- Make-up artist Joke Van de Water - (Belgium)


I have to admit I was not acquainted to look up to the Modellenland Magazin until a couple of months ago.  One of my colleagues brought my attention to this magazine by showing me at the same time his works that were exposed in this magazine.

Since then I had the chance to get a closer look on many other MM editions and I have to say that I really like the quality.

It’s great that newcomers have the opportunity to present their works in many countries all around the world, which definitely enables to establish new contacts easily and to reach out for a broader network.

- Photographer Giannis Rewekis - (Germany)


I love it, it is nice to see a magazine full of talented people, and not full of corporate bullshit and hidden agendas

- Photographer Daniel Munk- (Denmark)


Je trouve ça super d’avoir réunis la mode, la beauté, la nourriture et les belles photos: tout ce qu’aiment les filles en fait !

- Photographer Graziella – (France)


I really like the magazine. Your publications are diversified and make discover to models and photographers of great talent!

- Model Panussuda Kongchankit – (USA)


I think it is a great opportunity for models, photographers, designers and another artists to show their talent. Well done!

- Model Anastasia G.- (Germany)


Very nice, that's the reason I accepted to make this interview ( smile )

- Photographer Enrico Ricciardi – (Italy)


Your new magazine is amazing, I often use it for inspiration and I love the picture collections.

I also love biographies, therefore I often read the interviews in your online magazine. 

- Photographer  Elfi Rasser – (Switzerland)


Ik vind het een mooi blad, het is een bron van inspiratie en maakt modellen en fotografen ontdekken, die je anders misschien nooit zou vinden makkelijker, ik denk dat het voor sommigen wel deuren kan openen.
Belangrijk dat het gratis is, dit geeft iedereen de kans het te lezen & inspiratie op te doen.

- Model Ruga Veneno - (Belgium)


Well, excellent of course! :) I'm honored to receive your attention and I thank you.

- Photographer Adolfo Valente - (Italy)


Love your beautiful magazine.

- Photographer Kirill Buryak - (San Francisco)


I think the magazine is really interesting. Showing different personalities and different ways of beauty in the world is really important to creating prejudices from the world

- Kristy von Kashyyyk Tattoomodel - (Germany)


Heel lief dat jullie iedereen een podium willen geven

- Photographer Esther de Cuijper - (Netherlands)


Le magazine Modellenland est pour moi un magazine complet et diversifié touchant à unlarge panel de domaines permettant de les faire découvrir, et qui plus est, Belge ! Une petite fierté ;)

- Model Leeloo G. Modèle – (France)


It's so amazing that your magazine doesn't just work with only Belgian models. But also, international models from all over the world are appearing on the cover of Modellenland Magazine and that's what's so interesting about it. I'm happy that I can be introduced also outside Germany and therefor I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to shine on your prestigious and respected magazine.

- Model  Joel Fernàndez - (Germany)


I follow Modellenland Magazine and gets inspired by all the great photographers and amazing models, it’s really nice to be able to learn a little bit more of them in the interviews!

- Model Maria Boström - (Sweden)


Ich finde das neue Magazin grandios. Ich finde es eine tolle Sache, wenn dadurch Fotografen wie ich auch mal die Möglichkeit bekommen, sich in einer Print Ausgabe wieder zu finden. Aufbau, Fotografenwahl und Qualität sind meines Erachtens völlig in Ordnung. Wirkt alles in allem sehr sympathisch.

- Photographer Michael Butz - (Germany)


It is very fresh and modern. It is relly nice that you give an opportunity to present models and photographers in your Magazine. Great work in keep doing this! :)

- Photographer Barbara Srokowska - (Poland)


I love the interviews from the models and the varied pictures

- Model Lisa Rajewski - (Austria)


I think it’s great! Honestly! I’ve been following a lot of photographers who have been featured in the magazine, but most of them just show their work. They don’t really talk about it. The interviews in Modellenland makes it possible to read a bit more about the artist. Also the magazine is filled up with some great inspiration!

- Photographer Adam Overgaard - (Denmark)


Ik vind het een goede plaats om nieuwe samenwerkingen te bekomen. Een heel leuk initiatief dus!

- Model Gwenn Van Damme - (Belgium)


I love the layout, keep up the great work!

- Photographer James Allen Stewart - (Denmark)


A photographer and a good friend of mine did an interview for Modellenland Magazine and that was how I discovered the Magazine. I think it is a good way for people to show their work and get inspired by one another.

- Model Frederikke Gustavsen - (Denmark)


It’s awesome - always interesting to hear how other people’s approaches are.

- Photographer Mikkel Bech - (Denmark)


Stunning and really intresting

- Photographer Gabrysia Szczypa- (Poland)


C'est un magazine que j'aime beaucoup qui permet de découvrir de nombreux  artistes aux univers tous plus intéressants les uns que les autres.

- Model May Greenfire - (France / Belgium)


Het is een heel leuk vindingrijk magazine met interessante artikels.

- Model Céline Cheng - (Belgium)


I think it’s very beautiful and elegant, fashionable and very inspiring to follow in images, I like the diversity and the quality of the photos, Also it’s a great idea to give exposure to emerging artists.

 - Photographer Is Fausto Furgeri - (Italy)


Het is voor mij een grote inspiratie bron. Ik kan veel leren van andere modellen hun poses en adviezen.

- Model Yentle Mercedes Beers - (Netherlands)


I just know it fiew month ago by the interview of a friend of mine. I Think is a good think for the photograph and model community.

- Photographer Sebastien Sechinffon - (France)


It is a very interesting magazine.

My interest is directed especially to the quality of published works. I also noticed that you have a lot of space devoted to works of artists from all over the world and this provides an excellent comparison tool for photographers, models and each creative curious and eager to learn and continuously improve. Very good!

- Photographer Marco Taglienti- (Italy)


The magazine gives a lot of inspiration and it’s a beautiful magazine. A lot of great photographers, beautiful models and muah’s and stylists shows there work. It’s an honor for me to show my pictures between them.

- Photographer Ronald Mengerink - (Netherlands)


Je l’ai découvert il y a peu de temps je l’avoue. J’apprécie  ces portraits qui permettent de faire plus intimement connaissance avec d’autres artistes photographes et modèles. Et les différents liens artistiques qui s’y rattachent d’ailleurs.

- Photographer Julien Zarka - (France)


I like this magazine because it shows all the categories of models and photographers, from the high end professionals to the newbies like myself. It’s important to help eachother and this is what this magazine does.

- Photographer Jonas Eggers - (Denmark)


I love it. It’s good quality time and pictures and interviews are great.

- Photographer Jan Vestergaard - (Denmark)


I absolutely love the way you treat photography in your magazine and I am honoured to be a part of it!

- Photographer Jacob Skovgaard – (Denmark)


I think it is a great platform for the modeling/photography community. I would love to see it printed on high quality paper one day.

- Photographer Ludwig Desmet - (Belgium)


Really nice the way it developed itself and aims more and more to bring high quality exposure to the best in the business. 

- Photographer Arno Nieuwhof - (Netherlands)


Modellenland is a great initiative and platform for the industry. I’m greatful to be featured.

- Model Josephine Van Heule - (Belgium)


I think it’s fantastic. I have only known about Modellen Land magazine for a short time but I think it’s a great way to see other peoples work and to get to know more models. Also I’m deeply greatful for this opportunity to be published in this magazine. Thank you so much!

- Photographer Mette Winther Nielsen - (Denmark)


I love to read em, and be inspired og all the beutiful post's.
- Model Camilla Marie Christensen - (Denmark)


J’apprécie beaucoup votre magazine qui rassemble des artistes de divers univers

- Photographer Gaëtan Habrand - (Belgium)


I love the magazine, it is vivid and has a very good sense for beauty and aesthetics, which I think is very important in our days. I like the interview part very much, so you get a more intense insight on the personality of the people behind an image

- Photographer Maurice Lohrke - (Germany)


Vraiment top !!!

- Model Pauline Santamaria - (France)


To begin with I think it is an important and useful way for models to be known as the magazine has a worldwide visibility. It could be an opportunity to be contacted by other magazines, companies or brands that could find your profile interesting and worth to work with or invest in you.

- Model Désirée Rivari - (Italy)


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