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I learned about this magazine recently not long time ago. It's a very good magazine and it helps to make model famous, provides maximum information about model , which makes her closer to the readers. 

This is a great advantage  for the magazine and models as well. 

Thank you for this interview and publishing this interview in your magazine. It's a great honor for me. 

- Cover model Arina Biletskaya - (Poland)


I will not say anything revealing. I like it. I like reading magazines and I am happy that there is one where you can find interesting information about the selected people from my industry

- Photographer  Dawid Bała - (Poland)


I think it’s a brilliant idea to promote artists and models who just start their way. Thank you for this opportunity!

- Model Olga Sokolova - (Poland)


Het magazine is wereldwijd, hierdoor kun je veel lezen hoe anderen tot hun baan/ hobby zijn gekomen en verkrijg je inspiratie van modellen en fotografen uit andere landen.

Photographer  Sanne Kreijmborg - (Netherlands)


This magazine is really cool. There are many great shoots and very interesting texts of which you can get some important information .

- Model Liudmyla Kuczniewa - (Poland)


Amazing magazine! Great models and photographers!

...what did you expect me to answer...?

- Monthly winner, PhotographerChristian Nilsson - (Denmark)


think it is really beautiful. It is inspiring and gives photographers, models, artists and make-up artists the chance to show their work. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. 

- Model Persefoni Nestorudi - (Sweden)


I like very much the magazine, is very well done and I think it has a great editorial line

- Photographer Francesco Caruso - (Italy)


Dit is een gaaf magazine! Ik vind het heerlijk om door te neuzen en tijdens het reizen een blog te lezen of een video te kijken.

- Model Esther Dijkstra - (Netherlands)


Great thing that more and more such magazines, journals, websites that support and promote the new independent photographers and other artists. This allows them to show what they do to a wider audience. Thank you very much for the invitation. I will now closely watching you.

- Photographer  Mariusz Jablonski - (Poland)


I feel really appreciative to appear in Modellenland Magazine.  I love the magazine, it is bursting full of amazing models and photographers and i'm hournoured to be featured amongst them.

- Model Chantelle Parker - (UK)


I enjoy the idea of discovering other photographers, models and people related to photography, and read their stories and advices. And as I said, I love looking at beautiful images, and your magazine is a good provider!

- Photographer  Yoann Savoy - (France)


Es sind immer so tolle Modelle in euren Zeitschriften und da freut es mich mehr selber

einmal dort zu erscheinen.

- Model Jahren alleine - (Spain, Malorca)


Het magazine modellenland is informatief en een streling voor het oog. Ik ben dan ook bijzonder trots dat ik de cover mag sieren van de prestigieuze magazine. Bedankt alvast

- Model Fenne Verrecas - (Belgium)


Ich habe es gesehen und fand es sofort eine Cool Sache, eigentlich wollte ich nur meine Freundin dort gerne unter bringen, das ich auch eine Story erhalte hätte ich nicht gedacht, aber vielen Dank

- Photographer  Dirk Murrnautzky - (Spain, Malorca)

 Very very good in all aspects. Great place to find inspiration too. Keep up the good work 
-  Photographer  Joakim Oscarsson - (Sweden)


Oh eigenlijk in een woord “geweldig “. Ook vind ik het leuk dat jullie mensen nieuw op dit vlak de kans geven om zichzelf te laten zien en van zich te laten horen.

- Photographer Charel Borgmans - (Belgium)


Le magazine Modellenland est riche en informa-tions, varié et bien illustré. Je suis ravie de faire part du prochain numéro que j’ attend impatiem-ment.

- Model Margaux Louise Bacher -  (Switzerland)


What do you think of our new magazine?

It's lovely! I'm intrigued by the fact that you pick up small time guys like myself. Often times it's more interesting to read what up and coming people are thinking rather than long time professionals who always tell you the same stuff :)

 - Photographer Mikael Roos - (Sweden)


I think modellenland magazine is a great publication for photographers who want people to see their art and style. It demonstrates class and sex appeal with the models they publish, which is very much my style!

- Model Kayleigh Owen - (UK)


Ik vind het leuk zodat fotografen die net zijn begonnen of nog ervaring opdoen deze kans krijgen om zich te presenteren in een tof magazine.

- Photographer  Diewertje Linders - (Netherlands)


Voor ik werd benaderd voor modellenland Magazine, kende ik het nog niet. Weleens van gehoord maar verder niets. Tot ik benaderd werd en een kijkje ben wezen nemen. Ik vond het er erg leuk uitzien en natuurlijk erg tof ik hiervoor gevraagd werd.

- Model Cherona van Kan - (Netherlands)


I do love the magazine. A lot of great photographs, models and makeup artists. I do know some of the models, so it's very fun to see friends here. It's a really inspiring magazine, who give me new ideas everytime I read it.

- Model Andreas Lunde Østerøy - (Norway)


Er leuk om te zien wie er allemaal actief is in the scene en hoe hoog het niveau is.

- Photographer Mario Maganda - (Netherlands)


Brilliant. Modellenland magazine is a wonderful source of inspiration.  Such beautiful images. And I love reading the interviews. And it gives photographers and models a fantastic opportunity to share their work and to promote themselves. The magazine industry has gone through significant changes. Many print magazines are no longer in circulation. Some have switched to wholly digital publications. It’s a brave new world. As the editor of the Australian Photographic Society Digital Division’s monthly magazine, I know how much effort is involved in producing a magazine. So congratulations and well done. And thank you for allowing me to be part of your magazine. It’s a real privilege. I wish you continued success.

- Photographer Stephen Wong - (Australia)


I think it’s great and always inspiring to see other photographers/models work!

- Photographer Jonas Nordqvist - (Sweden)


Modellenland Magazin is an excellent way to put in contact photographers and models from all over the world in order to enlarge  their own horizons.

- Photographer Enrico Burani - (Italy)


The magazine is great, international and open to new faces and to allow people to discover them. I’m glad to be part of it, and hope it will last very long ! Long Life to Modellenland !

Thanks fof giving me the opportunity to be part of it and to represent your artistic point of view!

- Cover girl Moh Dia - (Paris, France)


I think this magazine puts the light on the real life of people who works in this industry. Its inspiring and ecouraging and as a model Im grateful that Im a part of it.

- Cover girl Diala Alomerovic - (Sweden)


You do a great job! Hope that it will be continued in the future and we have another possiblity to cooperate with

- Photographer Jakub Nurczyk - (Poland)


I think it's interesting that you put photographers and models etc. together to show that there's a teamwork when it's a photoshoot. Beautiful pictures too, love the mix!

- Model Sara Januzi - (Sweden)


Great! It’s a great way for photographers of the world to be able you reach out to more people.

- Photographer Stig Johansson - (Sweden)


Ik vind het een mooi magazine met prachtige foto’s erin. 

Vind het heel leuk dat jullie mij gevraagd hebben voor dit interview. 

- Model Floortje Bunschoten - (Netherlands)


It is cool. I am happy to be part of it)

- Model Polina Pavlikova - (Paris)


I am in love with this magazine; I really can’t describe how happy I am to be a part of this magazine.

- Photographer Bruna Alexandra - (UK)


I think the magazine is a great way to present yourself as a model or photographer. I like that there are standards used to select people. I have worked with some of the photographers that are featured and I am very much honoured for having been asked to feature mine!

- Model Michelle NL - (Netherlands)


I think its great! It’s nice to be able to read about interesting people and events in your industry. It’s also a great platform to get to know more about the industry and an opportunity to create new collaborations etc.

- Model Elvira Backteman - (Sweden)


Mooi, staat ook een hoop werk in wat ik zelf nog wel een keer wil maken.

- Photographer Jan Kruize - (Netherlands)


Een veelzijdig, mooi en fashionable magazine. Mooie drukken en foto’s. Lekker divers.

- Model Cindy Koopmans - (Netherlands)


I think the magazine is very well organised, I have seen some beautiful models and I think it's a perfect opportunity to get yourself out there and to connect with fellow Models, Photographers and Make-up Artists.

- Model Crystal Nancy -  (Uk)


I think the purpose of the magazine is very nice because it helps artists, photographers’ models etc., to make themselves known and to open doors without asking anything in return.ç

- Model Halima Rouabhi - (Spain)


It s a great initiative, plus it give the opportunity to have more visibility for poeple who are usually "hide" like makeup artists

- makeup artist  Doryn Lena - (Paris)


It’s a very nice magazine and I have discovered a lot of amazing people from different places of the world that I would love to work with in the future.

- Model Nicole Nathalie Olmedo - (Sweden)


It´s fresh and arty and rich in variety.

- Photographer Gioacchino Dell Erba - (Germany)


Super tof blad ik vind het inspirerend om ander werk te zien van fotografen en modellen.

Ik doe graag inspiratie op en ben vaak verbaast hoe proffesioneel ‘amateur’ fotografen en modellen bepaald werk afleveren. Top prestaties.

- Model Nina Colada - (Netherlands)


I think the magazine its very interesting and its beautiful for showing the art world in this way! I personally thank you very much for the interview! Im very excited!!!!

- Model Dona Koroi - (Greece)


Modelland magazine – it is a wonderful source of inspiration, there you can get to know very good ideas, here you can prove yourself and not to be afraid of creative experimentation. In this magazine meet creative people from all over the world.

- Model Silvy Sirius - (Letland)


. I think it's supercool that both amature and proffessional photographers and model can share their work. Because even the amature ones like myself are so creative and do deserve more attention. So this magazine is definetly something I would recommend to others.

 - Model Kim Lowe Jolie - (Sweden)


Cool.Thanks for including me!

- Photographer Iwona Wojtowicz - (Poland)


Om eerlijk te zijn had ik nog niet over het magazine gehoord. Ik ben dan ook geen fervente online lezer. Ik hou nog teveel van the real deal, ik kan moeilijk pagina's uitscheuren of ezelsoren maken in m'n iPad. :) Maar ik vind het een heel tof initiatief om een platform te creëren waar alle soorten al dan niet opkomend talent uit de mode business hun ei kwijt kunnen. Uiteindelijk werken fotografen, make-up artiesten, stylisten, art directors, modellen enz. allemaal naar het zelfde doel, om hun creativiteit door middel van teamwork om te zetten naar een prachtig beeld. Het is geweldig om alle stukken van de puzzel in elkaar te zien vallen en dit resultaat gepubliceerd te zien in een magazine zodat we dit kunnen delen met andere mensen. Dus bedankt om een stukje van deze speciale puzzel te zijn!

- Model Nathalie Beeckmans-Cop - (Belgium)


For me this is a great source of inspiration for all photographers and models. I am glad to be a part of it.

- Model Adrianna Brzozowska - (Poland)


I think it’s really inspiring, with great models and pictures in it. I am very honored to be in mode-llen land magazine magazine. I hope you keep up the good work!

- Model Josefine Östman - (Sweden)


Ik vind het een uniek en origineel magazine. Tof dat ik-zelf mijn meningen en ervaringen met de lezers en lezeressen kan delen. Wat ook super tof is, is dat niet alleen modellen in de kijker worden gezet, maar ook de Fotografen, de MUA's, haarstylisten etc, want zij spelen natuurlijk ook een super belangrijke rol. De fotograaf op de eerste plaats!

- Model Elisa Milanetto - (Belgium)


Ik vind het een geweldig magazine. Ik heb altijd met wat gezonde jaloezie gekeken naar de fotografen die bij jullie gepubliceerd werden en nooit gedacht dat ik er ooit zelf in zou staan. Ik heb ook contact gehad met mensen die er al in gestaan hebben en die hebben er allemaal veel positieve reacties op gekregen. Ik vind het ook daarom een fantastisch magazine, om een beetje bekendheid te verkrijgen buiten je onmiddellijke omgeving.

- Photographer Tom De Win -  (Belgium)


I'll say that I can not be model without knowing modellenland magazine..but honnestly I would like to know about it more. And Work for it.

- Model Anne Sophie Thebault - (France)


The Magazine is very good for us models and photographers to be seen and promotad. It’s a good way to find out were different models and photograpers  are available in the world. It’s fun to read about the other models and photographers experiences and see all the beautiful pictures.

- Model Jennifer Bernhardsson - (Sweden)


Ik kende het magazine nog niet en vond het wel fijn dat jullie me vroegen voor een interview. Het magazine lijkt mij een fijne en best handige manier om nieuwe fotografen en modellen te leren kennen, niet enkel op gebied van hun portfolio, maar ook hun visie en gedachte bij het maken van.

- Model Sasha Gemini -  (Belgium)


I think that this magazine is an amazing way to get to know beautiful models and talented photographers.

- Model Anita Karwowska - (Poland)


C'est un magazine très complet et qu'on aime lire !

- Model Tatiana Sassoye - (Belgium)




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