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I like it. It’s very interesting especially for me as a model because I can to learn the other models work and to know others photographers over the world.

- Model Alba Fernández - (Spain)


Een mooi magazine met erg mooie foto’s en ook erg fijn dat er meer erkenning daardoor komt in de fotowereld.

- Model Diana Pronk - (Netherlands)


Votre magazine est une excellente initiative qui m’a permis de découvrir des photographes talentueux que je n’aurais peut être pas découvert en dehors de celui-ci ainsi que de voir ce qui les inspire dans cette passion qu’est la photo.

- Photographer  Will Anderson – (Belgium)


It’s a great magazine for both photographers and models. And it’s free on the internet, so you can enjoy the work of very talented photographers and models from all over the world. Good job!

- Photographer Robbin van Turnhout - (Netherlands)

I love how you give (amateur) photographers, models etc. the chance to be published in a great magazine like this one. I like the way the magazine looks.

- Photographer Bahara Nawabi - (Netherlands)


Its great, fresh, I really like the interview, as you not only can show your work but

also get familiar with people.

- Photographer Robert Lipnicki - (London)


My first impresson was that it was well made. The pictures are excellent, every single one brings up a diffirent feeling. Besides that I really like the settings with how the model presents herself.

- Model Bianca Wargén - (Sweden)


Soms zie ik kleine foutjes in de teksten en staat er bij een foto geen model/fotograag/visagist naam. Verder ziet het er TOP uit.

- Photographer Hans van den Broek - (Netherlands)


Eh bien, c’est une belle découverte, et une lecture très agréable, car riche de rencontres artistiques…

Où, on peut partager les travaux divers et les approches..

C’est vraiment une jolie découverte..

- Photographer Alain Parizet - (France)


Very good initiative at a very professional level. We will follow the magazine closely in the future

- Photographers Bo & Rikke - (Denmark)


I think it's great that there is an online platform for this type of content. It is very useful to be able to explore the world of modelling this easily and find photographers and MUA's to work with in the future.

- Model Josephine Joli - (Netherlands)


It’s very beautiful. I love that you honor pictures and their creators, in this simple way. 

- Model Therese Ellehaven - (Denmark)


I really enjoy it. As a former editor, I know how hard it is to do/run a magazine. I like the idea of having both photographer and model showcases and interviews. It looks crisp, clean, good quality, different genres, and easy to read. Thumbs up from me!

- Photographer Jan Hansen -  (Denmark)


I am a big fan of the magazine since I discovered it thanks to a friend. It seems to me a most

excellent publication, full of great stories, and promoting new talents and their works, for me, it

really is a must read.

- Photographer Mónica Alcalá - (Spain)


I think it is an inspirational and beautiful magazine with lots of different perspectives of the model world. The interviews are always extremely interesting and has personally helped me to get to know my network better but also to find new interesting people to follow up on.

- Model Gabrielle van Beeck - (Denmark)


Het ziet er heel professioneel uit allemaal! En het is prachtig dat zoveel creatief talent op deze manier de kans krijgt om zich aan de buitenwereld te tonen. Hulde daarvoor.

- Photographer Reinhart Jansen - (Netherlands)


What do you think of our new magazine?

Amazing ! I really love the fact of getting to know someone and see his/her work this big! It is something different.

- Photographer Roy Ensink (Netherlands)


Thanks a lot to magazine for this possibility to share stories and experience. It is very nice idea. I wish you non stop development and millions readers ;)​

- Model Ksusha Kniazeva - (Denmark)


I think it’s very cool. I love how you can get inspiration from different angles and photographic styles. Magazines like yours brings people with the same interest together and hey, there are so much talent out there!

- Photographer Mads Brandis - (Denmark)


I personally love the magazine! Hope more people start reading and 100% look forward to future articles :)

- Model Crystal Jade Foster - (UK)


Well, I have only positive opinions about it!

- Cover Girl Florenta Popa - (Romania)


I think it’s a great idea for beginner and and pro’s to show their works in one place. I must say, I recognize many faces and names who were in the magazine so far.

- Krzysztof Wieczorek - (Poland & Denmark)


I really like it and I´m grateful for being asked to contribute to it. I think it is a great way to inspire people.

- Model Therese Isaksson - (Sweden)


Très qualitatif, belle ligne editoriale et une bonne approche dans la valorisation des talents émergents, aussi bien devant que derrière l'objectif.

- Photographer Benjamin Hanachowicz  - (France)


J'aime le format, la production est de qualité et enfin un magazine qui s'intéresse aux modèles ET aux photographes aussi bien professionnels qu'amateurs.

 - Photographer Alain BIGUET- (France)


What I like about this magazine is that is actually help pushing forward both photographers and models. It is always nice to be published, but it is especially nice to be published in a magazine that seems to be genuinely interested in promoting others.

- Model Sara Jahan - (Denmark)


Toujours une magnifique source d’apprentissage, d’émerveillement et d’inspiration, je suis fier d’y participer,

- Photographer Olivier Parent - (France)


Erg gaaf blad om te lezen, vooral heel leerzaam en je kan er eventueel ook inspiratie uit op doen. Daarnaast cool dat ze allerlei modellen de kans geven om erin te staan.

- Model Elisa Verbeek - (Netherlands)


I think it is super awesome you give the opportunity for artists and models to tell their stories and share it with the entire world.

- Photographer Mathias Foley - (Denmark)


Modellenland Magazine is an incredible opportunity to come up close to models and photographers whom may not always have the chance to speak their side of the story. I enjoy reading others interviews and gather inspiration.

- Model Julie Vera - (Denmark)


I likę it but i think it would be better with my pictures.

- Model Sasha Synthetic - (Poland)


It’s perfect! Seriously, I am a demanding observer and I like what I see in your new magazine. Photographs delight the eye, the models are so expressive and interviews – addictive. J

It is a big pleasure for me to “be a part” of it.

- Photographer Wiktoria Mikoda - (Poland)


It’s great that you write about people in the modeling industry from all over the world! It's really great to read interesting articles and interviews from such a large number of professionals with a wide range of international experiences.

- Model Elin Agorelius - (Sweden)


It is pretty interesting

- Photographer Ekin Can Bayrakdar - (London, UK)


Je l’ai découvert récemment grâce à Peter Van Poucke que je remercie beaucoup ! J’ai pu voir des photographes, que je connaissais, participer au magazine. J’aime beaucoup les artistes qui y sont, il y a beaucoup de diversités et c’est toujours un plaisir de découvrir de nouveaux talents. Donc merci Modellen land !

- Photographer Alexis Palliot - (France)


There are a variety of simple but exciting style. I really like the
different theme. I'm very happy to be here in the magazine. Thank you
- Cover Model Georgina Hobor- (Italy)


I know your magazine for several months now, I appreciate the quality and the diversity of the work that you put forward, no matter how well the photographers are known. You have the bias to find the artists who have real universes, I like that a lot.

- Photographer Aymeric Neau - (France)


The Modellenland Magazine looks out really interesting website. I have not heard about the site  before but totally going to follow it and looking forward the up coming articles. There are really interesting interviews which inspire me.

- Model Paula Pötry - (London, UK)


Is well done and care beautiful photography, thank you and I wish you much luck and visibility

- Photographer Carlo – (Italy)


I'm glad to be part of it, It's a wonderfull and it is a great magazine, I reallyy like the concept of bringing artists and models together international and open to new faces and to allow people to discover them.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of it.
- Model Maria Mwale Chisha - (Netherlands)


C’est un magazine très complet et varié qui met en avant toute personne qui est impliquée dans le monde de la mode et de la photo. 

- Model Shanti Vankerckhove - (Belgium)


Je viens de le découvrir ! Un magazine qui publie du nu m'intéresse toujours ;)

- Photographer Céline Andréa - (France)


Starters who are trying their best to enter this model fashion world are getting a chance to be seen.

- Model Manouk van den Berg - (Netherlands)


I really like it! It’s a great way to show your work and also to see other people’s work. I’ll definitely continue reading it and recommending it to other people.

- Model Ananda - (Netherlands)


I love the magazine shows creative and stunning work of people from different countries. It creates a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and share the best pictures.   

- Model Sandra Røbel - (Denmark)


I think it's really great. It's really refreshing, and it's great to see such a mix of styles, photography, and articles.

 - Photographer Michael Siggers - (UK)


There are good topics and it's interesting to read. It's also good  place in case you want to meet new models, it's a really good source of inspiration, new and fresh magazine.

thank you.

- Cover Model Martina Ragozza - (UK) 


It’s a great opportunity for all the creatives to show their works as freelancers or hobbyists: you’re doing a great work, so keep it up!

- Photographer: Gabriele Di Martino - (Italy)


It is an honor to find me in your magazine. I am moreover happy to read and to see people with I have already worked. What I prefer in Modellen Land Magazine is the diversity, you can find very different inspirations and influences.

- Makeup artist Jade Rodriguez - (France)





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