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Its a beautiful magazine. I think it is wonderful how you show the work of unknown potographers and models from around the world. Thank you for having
- Model Hannah Björklund - (Sweden)

It's an amazing magazine full of great pictures taken by talented photographers of gorgeous models. It's inspiring to see others work and super fun to be featured my self.
- Model Marie Ossbring - (Sweden)

I know that since recently! And informs the model on the profession and advises. With models of interviews and magazine photographers can show the real life of this world of photography.  I am very honored to have been contacted by the magazine and doing this interview. Thank you so much !
- Model Audrey Effy - (France)

I believe it's wonderful to read about the people I know and people I would love to work with and get to know. It's a great way to find and discover new collaborations.
- Model Jacqueline Åstrand - (Sweden)

Je trouve ça vraiment génial de donner l'opportunité de pouvoir découvrir des personnes talentueuses de ce milieu photographique, des artistes, qu'ils soient modèles, photographes ou tout autre intervenant. Cela peut même peut être donner naissance à de nouveaux projets et de nouveaux coups de coeur.
- Photographer Nöemie Nirat - (France)

Allow me to thank you for this interview and most importantly for your magazine. It’s a must in the fashion industry and having it on line allows me to consult it from anywhere; even in the jungle of equatorial Africa where I am at the moment!
- Photographer  Alexandre de Venderets - (France)

I think it looks great. It’s an ambitious magazine with great potential.
- Photographer Jonas Eklöf - (Sweden)

Informatief en erg leuk dat jullie fotografen even het woord geven!
- Photographer Jennifer Remme - (Netherlands)

I like it because it has an international appeal. It’s a good window for professionals and even a platform for networking.
Then, I’m the one who is always looking for new people to collaborate, and it is great for that.
Than, it pushes young and fresh people. Cool!
- Photographer Donato Giannese - (Budapest)

First of all, I would like to thank you from my heart that I should be able to tell you a bit about myself and what I do with love and passion ... Thank you for that I alsovmein work presented and pictures of my photography .If finder the miracle but idde So a magazine is very informative and can bring a lot of new idden and vidkd knuckfungen bring it is beautiful if one can present his work in so many different Leander and if one from other Model erfert as their work see and I finder these magazines great. ..It was an honor to share my work with Him and I hope that in the future I can tell again and again about my developments. I think to them.
- Model Di-Ana Stanisic - (Germany)

I think it is a great place for photographers and models alike to be able to display their work. I really loved working with the talented photographer Irena Eastington exclusively for this magazine shoot. When I work with professional people who are passionate and brilliant at what they do that’s when it is truly fun and rewarding.
- Model Camilla Hansson- (uk)

I love this magazine for what you show on it and the content is very interesting. It is a way to make people dream about fashion and everything they see into it. I recommend it and its always good to read and learn new things.
- Model Jeremy Pitou - (India)

I love it. It is so amazing pictures and it's fun to read about the different models.
- Model Ylva Millner - (Sweden)

I think it is a great and interesting magazine with a lot of fun people inside. It is interesting to read about the different photographers, make up artist and models. I like the layout of the magazine. The idea of the interviews with different people is great. and it will be funny to follow the magazine to grow.   
- Monthly winner Linnéa Berzén - (Sweden)

Stellar! I am so proud to be there too. ;-)
- Model Francesca Stelladiplastica Pellegrini - (Italy)

Je le trouve très agréable à lire, rempli d’informations, traitant de sujets qui ne peut que me passionner
- Photographer Olivier Merzoug - (France)

Je le trouve très cool. Plein de style et de couleur différents de tous les pays. J'adore
-  Photographer Ramy Gad - (France)

I really like the concept and this magazine a lot. It’s like one of those magazine you want to lay on you marble table in a fashionable apartment in New York, I love it!!
- Model Andrea Johansson - (Sweden)

I saw your magazine recently on the facebook page of a featured photographer - Guenter Stoehr - and started to reading the articles and watching the fotos. For me it is an source for ideas and I like the interviews. It gives a bit insight of the model live and also some info how other photographers work. Continue with this good magazine, I like it very much.
- Photographer Klaus Wegele - (Germany)

I think it is a great opportunity for artists to promote their own work and be “seen”. Thank you for helping us to grow.
- Model Diana Kopmane -  (Denmark)

I think the magazine is great because it gives the opportunity to people working in the fashion industry publish their material.
- Model Eleftheria Markou - (Greece)

Je ne connaissais pas du tout le magazine, j’ai regarder sur le net et je le trouve très intéressant pour les photographes et les models.
- Photographer Márcio Miranda - (Belgium)

Je pense que le magazine « Modellenland » est un magazine très prometteur qui permettra sans doute à de nombreuses filles de se faire connaître. Il permet aussi de créer un lien entre les photographes et les modèles et d’élargir ainsi les rencontres afin de diversifier le travail et de créer des images différentes.
- Model Aurore Péron - (France)

Mooi, net geschreven en vooral waar het allemaal om draait. Namelijk de gezamenlijke passie model fotografie !  
- Photographer Bram Braeckevelt - (Belgium)

J'adore ce magasine qui permet de découvrir et connaître de nouveaux modèles, photographes ... J'aime énormément naviguer de profils en profils et admirer le travail d'autres. Et puis avec ce magasine on a accès à des modèles du monde entier, et à leurs points de vues ... Ce qui est super !
-  Model Laëtitia Cury - (France)

Modellenland est un très bon magazine que je recommande ! On y trouve de très jolies photos et mise en page qui met en valeur le travail des photographes et modèls.
- Model Manon Botineau - (France)

I like that it is so easy to read digital and it allows me to read it in a big way whenever and wherever. I also like that it is many different articles with photographers representing different areas who are skilled in their individual ways, and with their own style. It gives a lot of practical inspiration for my own work. I like it!
- Photographer Jonas Koel - (Sweden)

I thank the editorial office of the magazine that allowed to give me this interview.
Also I wish success to the magazine Modellenland
-  Model Kateryna Aleksandrova - (Italy)

Simple love it.
- Photographer Martin Lindeblad Jørgensen - (Denmark)

Really like it. Go on!
- Photographer Wojciech Śwircz - (Poland)

It’s amazing to have a platform where artists can show their work. It becomes more real, I think.
- Model Sofia Samuelsson - (Sweden)

Fantastic magazine with many exciting models and photographers. is very inspiring images
- Cover girl, Ronja Rothe - (Sweden)

looks very good a lot great editorials  
- Photographer Matthias Holst - (Germany)

It's happy to hear that "Modellen Land Magazine" publishes the art of young artists (i had one publication about 2 years ago). Moreover I'm very glad for inviting me for interview here. It means so much to me that i can share my opinions and my work with you.
- Model Marta Jaoko - (Poland)

.After viewing your new magazine I’m very impressed. You’re reaching out to many incredibly impressive and talented photographers worldwide, so I am beyond honored and proud that you have included me among such talent for your publication. You have my enormous gratitude for the privilege.
- Photographer David Mecey - (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I think it is a great magazine and I feel very honored that you decided to have me in your Magazine.
- Model Izabella Aparicio - (Peru, South America)

Je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de visionné votre magazine, mais c’est chouette un magazine qui s’intéresse aux photographes qu’il soit débutant ou pro et aux modèles, c’est une bonne initiative et j’espère vous voir loin !
- Photographer Ezra Sierra - (Belgium)

I think it's an awesome magazine that shows a great variety of talents, and I love the fact that this type of platform exists! Giving people the chance to express themselves and their opinions about the industry that so many are affected by, it's truly an honor to get to be a part of this! Thank you!
- Model Salomé Elliot -  (Sweden)

.Je suis ravi de pouvoir donner une interview pour votre magazine que
je découvre avec plaisir.
- Photographer Audrey Bieber - (France)

Het is een mooi informatief magazine om zo ook andere modellen en fotografen te ontdekken en meer van hun te weten te komen. Het is eenn mooie kans om jezelf te kunnen laten zien, en je werk. Ik ben erg dankbaar dat ik deze kans heb gekregen. Dank je wel Peter!!
- Model Malissa de Krijger - (Netherlands)

I personally love the fact it makes me able to see how others experience this world! It gives us the chance to see the person behind the great picture.. And we all can get inspired by one and other!!
- Makeup Artist and Styliste, Olivia-Anna Beekman - (Belgium)

I think it´s really good that everybody have the possibility to read the magazine. Nobody has to pay for it and it´s also digital which means it´s really easy to read and I think that´s the best way to reach it out to people. I also think that Modellenland have selected really good people to be in the magazine. I think it´s super amusing to just sit down and be inspired by other girls and boys out there that are doing the same thing as I do. I am really thankful that I got the opportunity to have a few pages in this magazine and I hope that other people will enjoy to see my works that I´ve done with a bunch of really good photographers!
- Model Emelie Gredenstedt - (Sweden)

Dit is een leuke magazine, waar ook veel komt te weten over andere fotografen en modellen. Heel inspirerend!
- Photographer Sidney Lovert - (Netherlands)

Thumbs up! The quality of images and content in every issue is on an extremely high level and
would love to see it on newsstands as well!
- Model Nea Dune - (USA)

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this amazing magazine. It is really nice    that the magazine is open for new faces and photographers.. Love it!
- Cover Girl Ivana Anić - (Serbia)

Een heel mooi initiatief. Keep up the good work!
- Photographer Yves Bosmans - (Belgium)

That's very nice magazine and i like it. I'm very pleased that I have a opportunity to show myself here.
- Model Natalia Michalewska - (Poland)

I consider this magazine very usefull for models, photographers, make up artists, stylists and other persons working in modeling, it gives to everybody the opportunity to show his works and to create new cooperations.
- Cover model Olga Shutieva - (Italië)

Je pense votre magazine est vrament cool, j’aime bien votre mise en page surtot.
-    Photographer Xu Zheng - (France)


I think it's a perfect way to discover emerging talents.
- Model Miki Kraviz - (Italy)

it is very appealing, a real volcano of different images and styles and a challenging confrontation with other photographers
- Photographer  Andrea Aps - (Italy)

I think that the magazine does an amazing work! And it's amazing that you're hiring fresh people from the industry!
- Model Dionisia Bouloukou - (Greece)

Modellenland for me is a refined magazine that makes a keen selection of fresh fashion material. It’s also a friendly place, made actually for everybody, where to know news about interesting and real people around the world who have passion in photography and in fashion.
- Model Alena Alexandrovna Mayuk - (Italy)

What I've seen so far has been very good. But maybe change the questions for each interview to make them more relevant to that person.
- Photographer  Jeremy Gibbs - (Londen, England)

Modellenland magazine vind ik een gaaf magazine en daarom vind ik het heel leuk dat ik hier ook mijn verhaal mocht doen.
- Model Rico Mallee - (Netherland)

Heel leuk! En zeker fijn dat ik de kans kreeg er wat in te schijven. Bedankt!
- Model Sharon van der Zwaag - (Netherlands)

A great way for models and photographers to show their work.
- Photographer Jan Persson -  (Sweden)

The magazine is a really good thing for models and photographers to be seen worldwide and the thing with the interviews is a really awesome idea. In several other magazines there are only photos, its fun to get to know models in a relaxed forum. Get the time to read it, you wont regret it! Big love from the Russian model!
- Model Maria Eriksson - (Sweden)

Elke keer weer verrassend en mooi om door te bladeren. Leuke interviews en uitgebreide fotoreeksen
- Designer/styliste Elly Schraven - (Netherlands)

Glad to read about how other models and photographers think of certain things. a refreshing down to earth magazine with stunning pictures and good interviews! keep up the good work.
- Model Shelley Baptiste - (Netherlands)

A- amazing to look n learn from others.
- Model Rahat Ali Shah - (UK)

I've seen alot from it and i like what i see, it keeps good quality from page one til the end, so keep it up!
- Model Jenny Trollboll Schill - (Sweden)

Eine tolle Möglichkeit, für Models und Fotografen, um sich bekannt zu machen. Tolle Bilder und wunderschöne Models die ich hier finde. Das es international ist, ist mega gut denn dann sieht man auch was in anderen Ländern passiert und fotografiert wird. Die verschiedenen Ausrichtungen, sei es Modelinterviews oder die von Fotografen sind sehr interessant zu lesen.
- Photographer Michael Breucker - (Germany)

I find it very creative and original. It is one of the most beautiful online magazine I have ever seen actually. Your topics are interesting and the magazine can suit to every type of girl in love with the modeling, fashion and beauty world. That’s what I particularly like, it is fancy and open to everybody!
- Model Hana Hdc - (France)

Great initiative and really inspirational stuff!
- Monthly winner Tobias Walka -  (Sweden)

I think its great for models and photographers. You get to know us a little bit more and its both beginners and professionals. Im really glad to be a part of it.
- Model Michelle Lundqvist - (Sweden)

You have done awesome job creating it. Hope it will be around for a long time and we will have the chance to cooperate again.
- Photographer Denis Mutlu - (Netherlands)

It is nice that there is at least still one international Belgium based quality magazine left, nice work!
- Model Sara Scarlet - (Belgium)

il fait la part belle aux images, c’est appréciable ! et on y decouvre des nouveaux talents des deux cotés de l’objectif !
- Photographer Jam Abelanet -  (France)

Een super tof idee en zeer inspirerend platform om inspiratie op te doen en nieuwe contacten te leggen! Werkt zeker ook goed als opkomend model om jezelf zowat te promoten en voor deze oportuniteit dank ik u hartelijk!
- Model Kaan Kamil - (Belgium)

It's very cool to see myself in your magazine and it's an honor to me! I like your curation on photographs and it's very professional! Keep up the good work!
- Photographer Nick Sachos - (Greece)

Great idea internet version. quality and interesting
- Model Olga Pronina - (Russia)

I am  positive impressed that there are magazines which do what you do do, it means which promote models, artists and photographers. This way may help us develop our career since some of us can attract particular people's attention. I wish you luck in further activity!
- Model Oliwia Sitoi (Poland)

I think it's really great, a lot of VERY talented models and photographers.
I really enjoy reading it.
- Photographer Daniel Hollister - (Denmark)

Je ne lis jamais les magazine ou alors c’est rare. Mais je le trouve encore sympas.
- Model Mnémosyne Nelson - (Belgium)

I sincerely thank you for the interest in me. The magazine is huge!!! A good directory for models and photo-graphers and an excellent way to showcase our work. If I may…it lacks a clear artistic intent. But it is normal as it is a directory. I’ve seen very excellent work and profiles in it.
- Photographer Christophe Clovis - (France)

It’s amazing – I’m so proud to be part of it! Thank you
- Model Emily Vienberg - (Denmark)

Ik vind het erg leuk. De foto’s zijn mooi en het is erg leuk om te lezen over de fotografen en modellen. Zo blijf je goed op de hoogte van de talenten die er zijn!
- Photographer Cindy Stegeman - (Netherlands)

Ik vind het magazine een super alternatief om fotografen, modellen en MUA in de spotlight te zetten en hun werk te promoten. Goed bezig
- Model Lore Veyt - (Belgium)

I think that this magazine is like a runway for many young and talanted people who dedicate themselves to art.I am really happy that they have the possibility to show their production ,share their experience and find a lot of new ideas and inspiration.
- Model Olga-Maria Veide - (Ukraine)



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