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The magazine looks great! It’s really nice to see so many different people within the photography/modeling world and it’s an honor to be a part of it!

- Photographer Isabelle Donga - (Netherlands)


I haven't heard anything about this this magazine because you contacted me. But what I have seen so far it is a good idea and I like that I have seen.

- Photographer Kurt Johansen - (Denmark)


I think it's a great magazine to see other models and photographers from all over the world. You can learn a lot.
- Model Geertje Korthuis - (Netherlands)


Ik vind dit blad heel interessant om te lezen. Zo leer je welk verhaal elk fotograaf, visagiste of model achter zich heeft.

- Model Bressilla Mulder - (Netherlands)


I was fortunate to have a look at a couple of issues of Modellenland, and I find it is a great magazine it has a wide appeal and can be read by anyone who is into photography, no matter what role.

- Photographer Benny Rytter – (Denmark)


I am excited and happy that this magazine also includes interviews, instead of only showcasing portfolios. I think the creators behind the art are just as exciting as the creation itself.

- Model Mette Munkø - (Denmark)


Heel inspirerend en super lueke foto's van verschillende talenten.En zeker heel leuk om erin te mogen staan.     

- Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist Roxanna NrOne - (Netherlands)


Top, vooral leuk om de denkwijzen en meningen van andere te kunnen lezen en natuurlijk voor de mooie foto's. Ook een mooie plek om inspiratie op te doen.

- Photographer Ruud Ravensbergen - (Netherland)


J’aime beaucoup votre revue . Elle est moderne , colorée e riche de faits photographiques . J’espère ne pas vous avoir ennuyé et je vous remercie de m’avoir donné la possibilité de m’exprimer au travers de ces pages .

- Model Annalisa Cico - (Italy)


I love your magazine because it promotes talented photographers, models, make-up artists. I believe it’s your editors’ efforts and impeccable taste that help to find really gifted people.

As a result, we all enjoy this contemporary style and great content.

- Photographer Alexey Martynov - (Russia)


It’s always a good thing to give a voice to everyone. So it’s nice to meet the people behind the pictures.

- Colette Van Loy - (Belgium)


It’s amazing!! So cool to be able to see such varied work in one place. I shall definitely be downloading every issue from now!

- Photographer Michael Row -  (London)


I think it's fantastic. I really like to see so many creative and inspiring people around the world.

- Model Elisa Muzzillo - (Italy)


There is so much inspiration and creativity, which is a perfect combination out of passion.
It gives each unique individual, an opportunity to share a story that another may strengthen.

- Model Lidia Andersson - (Russia–Ukraine)


It looks very promising. I especially love to see that you do interview with models also. Reading them could give us photographers a valuable insight.

- Photographer Heine Mann - (Denmark)


Modellenland Magazine is a very good idea! I like reading interviews about photographers and about another models from other countries of the world. And I like to see many quality image. Thank you!

- Model Fanny Müller - (Hungary)


Top initiatief! Ook weer in het januari nummer staan zoveel goede fotografen en mooie modellen. Echt een mooi blad om te lezen.

- Barlise Photography - (netherlands)


I find it’s a good idea to interview the models and the photographers, it allows to know who "hide" behind the photos and to apprehend their way of working!

- Photographer Stéphane La Neve - (France)


I Think it is a great initiative to bring artists  together and a beautiful way for exposure in the right environment. 

- Cover girl Victoria Mabelle - (belgium)


I LOVE the magazine! I have read quite a few issues and think it is a great place to see a collection of interesting individuals all in one place.

- Model Katie O'Rear -  (Detroit Mi, USA)


Ik vind het een supergaaf magazine. Ik wil jullie bedanken voor deze leuke kans!

-Model Lincy Maatman- (Netherlands)


I think it’s an awesome magazine. Interesting way to read about other models and photographers. Lovely interviews, nice themes and stunning pictures !

- Model Vanessa Kerkhofs - (Belgium)


Ik vind jullie magazine een geweldig blad omdat jullie beginnende artisten , zowel modellen als fotograven ,visagisten en stylisten de mogelijkheid bieden om zichzelf te kunnen laten zien en het werk wat er is gecreeerd ik vind dat er in onze werled erg veel talent rond loopt en dat werk mag gezien worden

En wil jullie bij deze enorm bedanken dat ik mijn verhaal hebben mogen doen in modellen land magazine super cool…..

- Makeup artist Orly Ben David – (Netherlands)


I love the idea. I found opportunity to connect to lot of amazing photographer all over the globe. 

- Photographer Sudhanshu Singh - (India)


It is very inspering and intresting for models and photographers.

- Model Matilda Helgstrand - (Sweden)


One word AMAZING

- Model Rebecca Johnsson - (Sweden)


J'avoue que je ne le connaissais pas, mais je suis très surpris et très content que vous vous soyez arrêtés sur mes photos. Je vais aller regarder de plus près celui-ci dorénavant.

- Photographer Stephane Operti - (France)


This magazine is more than just fine, it’s brilliant. I like it.

- Model NanaThomsen - (Denmark)


Votre magazine est de bonne qualité, sur la quantité de mag qui diffuse du contenu sur le web, c'est un magazine bien fourni avec des travaux qualitatifs.

- Photographer Rémy Jannot - (France)


A beautiful magazine that gives space and voice to artists, not by force but straconosciuti talented.

- Model: Martina Menichini - (Italy)


The magazine is really good and inspiring with all the amazing artists and photos.

- Model Ida Jonsson – (Sweden)


I think the Modellenland Magazine it's a great way for photographers and models to discover each other, and of course also Muas and so on.

- Model Louise Haase Poulsen - (Denmark)


It is a great magazine, which gives the possibility to employees all, photographers, models, etc, to tell their stories, and to have good visibility of their work.

The magazine has a wide range of moods, it following a good line in the choice of photos and has many initiatives!

- Photographer Evelyn Magrì - (Italy)


I like the magazine because it has everything you’re interested in reading when you’re in this business. Its fun to read interviews from both models, photographers and artists. I like that the magazine posts a lot of photos and the interview questions are great and inspiring to read.

- Model Malin Nyström - (Sweden)


The magazine is a easy way to get to know artists around the world. I’m really into that.

Thank you for the interview and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family now!

- Makeup artist: Pauline Vanheule - (Belgium)


Tout le monde à quelque chose de beau à faire valoir ! Alors shootez !

- Photographer Jules Ju - (France)

Het modellenland Magazine ziet er heel goed uit. Een plek waar pracht werk samengebracht word. Ik vind het een top online magazine!

- Model Shirley Geelhoed – (Netherlands)


It looks great, and a great inspiration source for all people in this business.

- Photographer Ted Olsson - (Sweden)


I think that Modellenland Magazine is a great place to promote photographers and models. I really like it and I’m thankful for possibility of presenting myself.

- Model Idalia Baryła - (Poland)


I think, it’s a great idea to do interviews with today’s creative people. I’m visiting your site quite often. I am keen to read about some new photographers I didn’t know so far as well as to get some background information on some of the artists I already know for some time. Keep up the good work!

- Photographer: Günter Hagedorn - (Germany)


I like it because you are helping young people with their career.

- Model: Hulda Lind Kristins - (Iceland)


I think that Modellen Land it’s a high quality magazine. That deal with the fashion photography

shown in an elegant way.

- Photographer Greta Larosa - (Italy)


 I Think this Magazine is great to give new models and photopgraphers a chance to show up their hard work. It's a very cool Magazine and I follow it myself with every new update.

- Model Eleonora Huseinlee - (Sweden)


Super nice, keep up the good work!

- Photographer Berry Lijesen - (Netherlands)


Ik vind  het een zeer inspirerend magazine met mooi, creatief en veelzijdig fotowerk.

- Makeup / Photographer Citty van Aart - (Netherlands)

I haven´t been aware of Modellenland before.  I have been looking at the 2016 issues and I find it an interesting and versatile magazine!  Keep up the good work!

- Photographer Sjur roald - (Norway)


Leuk! Leuke verhalen en passende thema’s. Met de afwisseling van de verschillende landen is het een echt internationaal magazine.

- Cover girl Laura Goossens - (Belgium)

I love Modellenland. It´s very fresh magazine, with art and fashion editorials. I love that you give opportunity for artist to promote themselfes. To show our work and express our feelings. That´s  a big thing for us!

- Photographer Liudmila Shirobokova – (Russia)


It is very uselful for those who work in our field so we can be constantly inspired by so many talented people and share our world with them. But it's also great for all those who just love beauty and art, it's well done and inspiring. Thanks

- Model Sadie Gray - (Italy)


Je viens de découvrir Modellenland Mag et je trouve ça super intéressant de faire se côtoyer professionnels et amateurs , modèles et photographes dans un Mag de qualité .

- Photographer FRed Kriel - (France)


you doing great,so keep going!

- Model Olga De Mar - (Italy)


C’est un honneur de pouvoir figurer dans votre magazine. Pour moi Modelleland est une belle source d’inspiration, avec toujours de belle découverte autant du côté des photographes que des modèles, un plaisir pour les yeux. D’ailleurs c’est plutôt marrant de retrouver des modèles ou des photographes que l’on connaît, la photographie reste un petit monde, une grande famille d’artiste.

- Model Cover girl Pauline Ello - (France)


ik vind het een leuk online magazine en kwam erachter dat jullie bestonden omdat mijn foto’s al eens geplaatst zijn met interview van een paar fotograven waar ik mee gewerkt heb. Nu krijg ik de kans om als model er zelf in te staan. Dankjewel daarvoor!

- Model Toy Wuyts - (Netherlands)


I found it very interesting because it gives space to a lot of emerging photographers.

It stands out with the quality of the editorials and that’s why people like it and share it.

The majority of magazines publish paid selections or still sell that visibility, that social networks like Facebooks give you for free. It is ridiculous but people do not understand it.

- Photographer Alessandro Galatoli - (Italy)


Your new magazine looks cool. Website works well and presents the featured works well. I was surprised yet happy when I got the message about being featured.

- Photographer Matt Reeves - (UK)


The magazine is amazing! I am grateful that I get to be a part of it. I love to read about others and be inspired.

- Model Isabelle Millner - (Sweden)


Love it! Always such a good variation of photographers, models and content in Modellenland Magazine, I like that you publish professionals as well as hobbyist giving a wide perspective of the fashion scene out there. Really appreciate being featured, especially in the same issue as my muse and one of my favorit models, Malin Nyström. Don’t forget to check her out and big up to Modellenland, thanks for making this happen!

- Photographer Martin Bohm - (Sweden)


Your magazine looks really good and clever for the images industrie. congratulation

- Photographer  Aloys Robert - (France)


I think that your magazine is amazing , is important to choose artist with something to say, and I am happy for your request to me !

- Model Elen Ina – (Turin)


Modellen Land Magazine is voor mij een heel mooi  magazine omdat er zoveel verscheidenheid te zien is. Alle diciplines zijn vertegenwoordigd.

- Photographer Jeroen Gordijn – (Netherlands)


Amazing you can find all the rock actuality of the fashion and as well all the actors who gravitate around. Really interesting!!!!

- Model Benjamin Le Duff - (France)


It's very inspiring. Very talented and beautiful work from all over the world.

- Model Monique Brigham - (Florida)


t’s really a fantastic magazine, almost every person have access to the internet, so it’s both easy and free to read. For me Modellenland Magazine is an inspiration. You can get so many ideas for your shoots, and just by reading one magazine you’ll get to know so many new models and photographers you haven’t seen before, which you maybe want to see more from. 

- Monthly winner Cecillia Patricia - (Denmark)


It focuses a lot on the photos – full size pictures without any long description is something that I really like. It leaves some space for imagination. Also the selection of the photos reflects my taste. I haven’t found a photo that I don’t like. Good job!

- Photographer Marek Wójcia - (Poland)


I think this magazine can be an opportunity for persons that start modelling and show their portfolio.

-  Model Alicja Sedzielewska – (Poland)






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