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Skywalker Australia coming to Europe

Skywalker Australia coming to Europe

The Sky Walker is today's phenomena of what technology is emerging and how it is evolving. Whether its simplifying or greening your daily travel, increasing the effecincy of your work, or simply entertaining you, the Sky Walker is the next evolution in the way that we move!

This self-balancing electric scooter uses gyroscopic technology and independently controlled wheels to allow you to effortlessly and swiftly manoeuvre around. The Sky Walker senses slight movements in your feet to guide itself without you barely moving a muscle, it’s almost as if you are thinking your way around.

Bringing to you the best in power, durability, and adaptability. The Sky Walker can comfortably handle and swiftly adapt to a variety of surfaces such as grass, uneven pavement and terrain. Powered by two motors, it can reach a speed of 20 km/h when put on Advance mode and keep you riding for up to 20 kilometres in a single charge. Sky Walker’s use only the highest quality certified materials, that not only meet but exceed Australian standards and have nationwide warranty. This genuine product is beyond compare.

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