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Wooden Republic sunglasses

Wooden Republic is the online store for specially designed, wooden sunglasses. It all started with a group of dreamers who valued life, adventure and individuality. Among us were surfers, skaters, martial arts professionals and artists who loved to share their passions.

On a surfing trip to the Philippines, we stumbled across a local merchant who specialised in making handmade wooden sunglasses, which caught all of our attention. So we did what we had to do and purchased way too many glasses, making that merchant filthy rich that day. Unfortunately that feeling of happiness was short lived and it wasn’t long until our glasses started falling apart while backpacking and surfing around the island. After grieving over our losses, we began talking about designing and creating our own wooden sunglasses that would survive any adventure…and just like that Wooden Republic was born. Game changer!

After hundreds of designs and re-designs and about a million prototypes Wooden Republic is ready to be shared with the world. Each of our designs are a reflection of each of our passions, and you can see that our collections are an homage to active living through surf, skate, martial arts and travel.

WR does not identify themselves as another fashion label, but more a opportunity for people to express themselves and their passions in their everyday lives. WR designs are inspired by people, and all their different sub cultures. Skateboarding, surfing, life and travel is what inspires us to create wooden fashion accessories that represent the people of Wooden Republic.

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