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Issue17 (Part2) November 2016 Is out

Read, free download or order print here


04 Cover girl: Fenne Verrecas

18 Model: Margaux Louise Bacher

34 Photographer: Yoann Savoy

46 Model: Jelena

58 Photographer: Dirk Murrnautzky

70 Model: Dee Dstyle

80 Monthly winner: Joakim Oscarsson

92 Editorial: PURE BEAUTY

106 Model: Julia Yaroshenko

118 Photographer: Fotis Fotopoulos

131 Winners issue: Christian Nilsson

142 Model: Cherona van Kan

152 Photographer: Mikael Roos

164 Model: Andreas Lunde Østerøy

175 Winners issue: Wiktoria Szatan

186 Photographer: Mario Maganda

198 Model Halima: Rouabhi

208 Model: Daphny Chevalier

218 Photographer: Peter Müller

226 Photographer: Peter Van Poucke

238 Makeup artist: Doryn Lena

246 Photographer: Phil Tubbax

256 Editorial: Tropical Winter

268 Photographer: Martin Wieland

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