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Issue18 (Part3) December 2016 Is out

Read, free download or order print here


04 Cover girl: Ivana Anić

16 Photographer: Yves Bosmans

28 Model: Miki Kraviz

36 Photographer: Andrea Aps

48 Model: Dionisia Bouloukou

60 Monthly winner: Ronja Rothe

70 Model: Alena Alexandrovna Mayuk

78 Photographer: Jeremy Gibbs

88 Model: Rico Mallee

100 Photographer: Robert Ayers

106 Editorial: SSID

122 Model: Sharon van der Zwaag

134 Photographer: Jan Persson

151 Winners issue: David Mecey

162 Model: Maria Eriksson

172 Designer/styliste: Elly Schraven

184 Model: Marie Ossbring

196 Photographer: Jonas Eklöf

206 Model: Rahat Ali Shah

214 Photographer: Rahat Ali Shah

222 Model: Shelley Baptiste

228 Editorial: Daniela Carollo

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